Stress ball keychains – One of the few promotional items that enjoy life long endorsement

Often it is the simple things that help us beat the stress and bring smiles to our faces. Custom stressball keychains are indeed one of the most popular tension relievers that anyone could ask for. Hand these logo imprinted stressball keychains to your employees or clients and see them beaming with happiness. These are perfect promo gifts to promote dentists’ offices, sports leagues, doctors’ offices, and anywhere where a little stress relief might come handy.

promotional apple stress ball keychains

Stressball keychains make a handy option to keep their keys safely and also to squeeze out the frustration when they are stuck in the traffic. Just imprint your logo and business message on these colorful stressballs to keep your brand promotions going. ProImprint has a range of stressball keychains in fun themes and curious shapes including flying pig, heart, fire truck, boxing gloves and superhero among others

These custom products can also be handed out during special occasions like Free Comic Book Day, New Homeowners Day, Customer Service Week and many others to create an instant interest among your customers. Give your customers something they’ll surely use and appreciate in the form of these portable stress relievers that can literally change any bad day into a good one!

personalized flying pig key chains

Promotional stressball keychains are cost effective and also gives something to walk away with for your discerning client. Hand out these stress balls in a portable form and show your clients that you care for their happiness. The break neck speed of today’s life coupled with work, home and relationships stress can all add up to the tensions of most people. Having a stress ball in hand is a great way to squeeze out one’s frustration. These can be carried wherever they want and can be used even when they are hard pressed for time.

Stressballs are simple ways to bust stress and by giving the functionality and portability of keychains, you can make these promo products rank high in popularity. These promotional gifts can be used for tradeshows, mass mailer campaigns, awareness campaigns and much more. You can even hand these out to your employees as marketing tasks can be overwhelming at times. Imagine how much more relaxed they will be if they have a soft and squeezable ball at their desk on which they can vent their frustration and tension?

Stress can hit anyone anywhere. So these stressball keychains will keep your recipients well prepared to handle their adrenalin spurts of the day in a simple and secret manner. Every time they get over their bad mood, they will surely take a closer look at the logo and business message imprinted on these and it is these repeated impressions that bring in fresh leads and new customers for you in the days ahead. Browse our collection of stress balls that will get your customers stay calm and cool and talk about your logo forever!

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