Sure Fire Ways To Enhance Your Valentine’s Day Promotions

Valentine’s Day is not just a celebration of love but a great opportunity for businesses to scale up their revenue. One of the biggest retail events in the country, Valentine’s Day double up as a shopping day for most Americans. From chocolate to ornaments and apparels, there is an incredibly wide range of giveaways to consider for shoppers.

Marketers that wish to stand out in the competition will find these tips on Valentine’s day custom giveaways and ideas useful.

Highlight Exclusive Valentine’s Day Products

Showcase Valentine’s day special gifts to grab the attention of the shoppers and make the most of every  business opportunity. Make sure to include Valentine day marketing ideas and tips that will help  prospects to make a perfect selection of gifts.

For instance you can include 3-course meal recipes or tips on  preparing a   perfect valentine’s lunch or dinner. Decorative themes or dressing tips will also get  easy eyeballs.

Special offers, Buy one get one offer and much more

Limited edition custom gifts and special deals will never fail to turn on the shoppers. Offer online gift cards with customized offers and deals to woo customers. Announcing value added deals will create a lot of interest among shoppers. Announcing double reward points for early shoppers is another way to drive sales.

Send Custom Valentine Card With Offers

Sending Valentine’s day cards is  a norm. Make it special by adding your special offers on to show how much you care and wish for the very best shopping experience for your customers.

Offer free Gift wrapping offers

Even small gestures like offering free gift wrapping will go a long way in making your stores the favorite haven of Valentine’s day shoppers. It will resolve the common pain point of wrapping the gift for your customers while you show how much you care. Free gift-wrapping is a superb Valentine day marketing idea to earn some serious goodwill.

Quick shipping

Make the shipping dates of Valentine’s day items visible on your product pages. It will help your consumers to book accordingly so that their gift reaches them on time . The basic idea is to provide an exceptional experience to your visitors.

Have a heart for a social cause

Join hands with a Non-Profit to support their cause while showing how much you care  to highlight  your social responsibility. Further more, it will go a long way in enhancing your goodwill. Reports show that consumers support organizations that are socially committed than businesses that do not get involved in social causes.

Design a referral program

Let customers spread love through referral program. Offer additional referral points every time they refer your stores to their friends or family. You can even customize  these coupons with your brand and pop up images to add a fun twist to your  Valentine’s Day marketing.Referral Programs will drive up customer engagement while helping you to increase your customer base .

Valentine’s Day Marketing Through Gift Cards

Gift Card marketing is indeed a popular marketing strategy adopted by almost every industry. Ring the interest of customers by handing out these creatively designed valentine’s day gift cards that feature special offers and deals. Moreover, it will enhance your customer experience and will add a personal touch to your promotions.

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