Sure Fire Promotional Items For Home Offices

There has been a steady surge in the number of people working from home and as freelancers. Apart from the advantage of being their own boss, the added benefits of flexible working hours and quality time for their family make freelance jobs popular by the day.

Even way back in 2014, around 53 million people in the United States, which is 34% of the total workforce in the country were involved in freelance work, which shows the significance of this sector. With the work-at-home demographic all set to grow further, there has been a renewed interest in the logo promotional items to reach out to this segment.

Here are some of the promotional items that can be considered.

Phone Stand will make a thoughtful gift for freelance workers or home offices. Put their mobile devices right in front of them by offering them these logo items that will enable them to check their phones when their company contact is calling.Custom Imprinted Sleek Orso Media Stands

Promotional Pen Caddy : Home desk can get just as messy and cluttered like any other office work table. Custom pen caddy will help them keep all the essential writing supplies well within their reach so that they stay well organized in their work. Your logo and message on these accessories will be seen not just by them but also by their friends and family members too.Promotional Pen Caddy

Power Bank : For any person working outside a conventional office, it is important to stay connected and powerbanks make sure that their communication channels remain open always. A conked off phone right in the middle of a project will be the last thing to be expected for anyone working from home. Your logo and message imprinted on these powerbanks will never go unnoticed for sureCustom Logo Imprinted Deluxe Travel Kit

Nano Speaker will give those working from home offices the luxury of foot tapping music without those headphones. Wireless and compact, these won’t eat into the limited desk space of your recipients too. With these logo items, your message will not just be well seen but well heard too with these unique and useful promotional gifts. Their friends and family will surely be besotted by the charm of these cute speakers that will change the way they enjoy their music forever!Custom Wireless Nano Speakers

Travel Tumbler will keep your employees working online from remote locations well hydrated all through their busy working day. A travel tumbler can hold a copious amount of their favorite beverage. These super space savers are excellent options to promote cafes and restaurants too.Custom Printed 16 Oz Terrano Travel Mugs

Business Card Holder: No matter whether you are a freelancer or a telecommuter, a classic business card holder makes an inevitable item on your work desk. Plus, it helps you to store the cards of all the business contacts that you will be making.Custom Printed Alternative Card Holders

We at ProImprint have a range of logo items for home offices and freelance workers. So start shopping right away.

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