Summer Season New Arrivals We Know You’ll Love!

Get a head-start on summer with these custom summer essentials to get your message out and give something to remember for your audience. Summer season draws a sizeable outdoor crowd to the beaches, sports grounds and the woods; it makes a great time for marketers to engage their prospects with their brand in a fun and light-hearted way.

Summer Season New Arrivals We Know You’ll Love!

Here are some custom products that will make a great choice to consider.

Golf towels

All the roads lead to golf greens in fair weather conditions like summer. Golf is a popular game that enjoys a wide fan-base and by handing out golf themed custom gifts marketers can ensure the much needed portability and exposure for their brand. Golf towels have a generous imprint area for your brand and message. Every time the players use these towels, your brand will get a wide angle display among everyone who is on the greens; it is not all; golf towels follow your recipients wherever they go! These promotional products will be readily accepted by any golf fan anywhere in the world. So, just imagine the exposure your brand will get on these during its shelf life.

Custom Printed Golf Towel


Great for all four seasons of the year including summer, umbrellas ensure a real return on your investment. The massive imprint area on the canopy is the big plus of umbrellas. Choose from a wide range of models, colors and fabric choices to complement your branding theme. If you are looking for something that is a bit special, opt for combo models like umbrellas with speakers or Bluetooth umbrellas among others. Be it, solid colors, printed designs or full-color models, umbrellas will easily tug the hearts of your audience. Imprinted umbrellas get hoisted over the crowd thereby grabbing easy attention. Make sure to choose something interesting and classic to retain their interest.

9 Ft Promotional Music Umbrellas with Bluetooth Speaker

Beach balls

Summer tempts every one of us to play like there is no tomorrow!. Here comes the perfect summer toy of beach balls that will bring out the kid within us. Drive up the summer fun and get your brand right into the hands of your audience easily with these logo items. Custom beach balls imprinted with your brand is a great opportunity to bring more attention to your message. Beach balls change hands and get exchanged among people, which means your message will gain the attention of a lot of fresh eyes. Beach balls are synonyms of laughter and fun and your message on it will thus earn a special place in the minds of your audience. Available in a range of colors and models; these logo items can be passed out for free during awareness events, store promotions or tradeshows to pique quick interest of the audience.

Custom 16 Inch Multi-Colored Beach Balls


Choosing strategically important custom gifts is the key to a successful brand campaign. Sunscreen is something that everyone needs to stay safe from UV rays on a scalding hot summer day. People often forget to carry sunscreen and by handing out these freebies you have a greater chance of getting your message into a wider audience beyond your target customers. Choose from a range of models and formulae to match the needs of your audience. Sunscreen bottles with carabiner will make a great choice for people on the move as it is easy to attach to backpacks.

Custom Imprinted 30 SPF Sunscreen Lotions with Carabiner


Add a speck of style and sun-safety all at once with these crowd-pleasing gifts of custom sunglasses. Your message on these popular summer staples will never get sidelined for sure. Available in a range of models and just about every price point, these logo items will make a lot of impressions during summer and beyond!

Personalized Blues Brothers Black Sunglasses

Looking for more summer appropriate custom gifts? Watch this space for more updates and stay on top of the trends.

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