Sticky Notes- The Fun Way to Boost Office Productivity

Custom sticky notes are everywhere. Whether at home, school or office , sticky notes make great handouts that everyone will love . Whether it is to write a reminder, mark a page or promote your business, sticky notes will put your message across in countless ways. These simple notes will even boost your company culture at the same time.

Promotional sticky notes will spread the word in a professional manner without being intrusive. The fun part is that, your prospects may not feel  the annoying marketing pitch; even when they see your message right in front of them everyday. Sticky notes are products that everyone needs especially in an office or educational setting.

Besides, here are some of the other creative ways to put your custom sticky notes to good use, in the workplace to enhance office organization and productivity.

Create an office calendar

Why not create an office calendar using custom sticky notes, especially if you have flexible schedules that need to be rescheduled? Every time you need to alter a  meeting date, all you need to do is replace the sticky note to ensure the convenience of an up- to- date calendar. In addition, custom sticky notes also bring a pop of fun colors into your workspace and brighten up your day.

To-Do Lists

Probably what makes custom sticky notes a great employee handout is that, it will even help them to organize their to-do lists. Available in a wide range of colors , sticky notes enable them to keep track of tasks easily and stick to their schedules.

As chair markers

Custom sticky notes  can be used to label seating arrangements during  large meetings, where everyone may not be familiar with each other. If  you need to make changes in the seating arrangements, you can easily attach the sticky note to the new location.

As board room accessories

Make it easy for everyone to follow the meeting and the points discussed, with logo sticky notes. Set up a drafting board for mapping out ideas using  sticky notes. It will be of great help during brain storming sessions and presentations. The best part is that even a blank wall can be tuned into a bulletin board using sticky notes. It will make it easier for everyone in the group, to put their ideas up on the board.

Team Management

Custom sticky notes will even help employers to keep track of the specific tasks and accomplishments of each team member. It will also let everyone to see the performance of the team in a single glance.

Highlight important points

Sticky notes come handy to highlight the important points in printed documents, without damaging the book . It will help you to present your ideas without fail during meeting and ensure a prompt follow through after the event.

Set up a milestone Board

Sticky notes can be used to  note down accomplishments and goals of your team.  It will help employees to attain their collective goals easily, and to be in sync with one another. It is a smart way to work together to enhance productivity, and select the best ideas. Moreover, it will boost their morale in a fun way.

Interested in making custom sticky notes as your promotional items? Reach out to our team for inspiration.