Custom Santa Hats- Christmas Gifts To Celebrate The Holiday Spirit

Christmas is still a few weeks away.  However, the lead time up to Christmas is always an exciting time of the year for all businesses. It will give them enough time to plan holiday promotional strategies and the corporate gift list. Holiday season is indeed the busiest and the most profitable time of year for all businesses. Did you know that even small and mid-sized companies make up to 40% of their year’s sales during the big fat holiday season that spans across the last three months of the year!

The impending festive season is also a great time for employers to get their team into the holiday mood by decking up their office in  Christmas theme, or handing out Christmas giveaways like Santa hats or chocolate gifts, custom printed with their holiday message and logo.

 If you are looking for something exciting yet budget friendly, look no further than custom Santa hats. It is a great way to spread the festive cheer while  promoting your business at the same time. Afterall, what’s not to love about these cute Christmas hats that will remind everyone of the holiday cheer and the upcoming long party nights?

Still on fence? Here are some reasons that will show why Santa hats are the best Christmas giveaway ideas to consider.

Enhance Your Employees’ Morale and Surprise them

Custom Christmas hats may appear like an ordinary promotional swag for some. But it can indeed have a huge impact on your company’s success. It will drive in footfalls to your retail stores while making leads and more sales. Just think of the spectacle that your employees will make when they wear Santa hats. They will look friendly and more approachable for the customers. It can even lead to a spectacular increase in consumer spending at this time of year.

Apart from driving up the sales, it is also a smart way to enhance the morale of your employees. A fun spin often goes a long way in increasing their motivation and making their working hours more interesting. Moreover, it is a great way for them to embrace the holiday vibes early on  that will keep them charged up till the actual office Christmas parties  are held. So, if you have been looking for a great way to spread the holiday cheer, look no further than custom Santa hats.

Reports show that a highly motivated team of employees can be over 31% more productive than others. In addition, a more efficient workforce will also bring in more profit.

Now that you have decided to invest in custom Santa hats as employee giveaways, here are some tips that will help you to make a great choice.

Customization is the key

While all Santa hats may look alike, smart customization will make it unique accessories that reflect your business. Think of a smart artwork, a compelling tagline or a festive quote that will make it truly exceptional. You can even try out a unique color scheme or may be a printed pattern that make eyes pop! It will also make it a keepsake for your employees. After all, you don’t want to get a hat that fail to hold the interest of your recipients.

Embroidering  the artwork or logo might cost you a little extra but will stand out nicely. You could also go for a festive Christmas message or a festive joke.  Options are truly limitless; so put on your creative caps to come up with something interesting.

Choose good Quality models

Once you have finalized on your design it is time to consider the material choice. It should be of high-quality, so that it will reflect your professional image nicely. Choose plush designs and rich colors that will ensure a realistic Santa look for your team.

Choose models that look good and last long  even if it might cost you a little more. When your employees wear while at work, these accessories should look elegant for the clients and customers who may see it.

Order in bulk

Placing bulk orders is another way to save money and get the biggest discounts. So, if you are planning Christmas celebrations beyond office by getting involved in charity events and community celebrations, make sure to order  Santa hats in  the same design  in bulk so that you  need to pay less  per item. It will also save on the set up costs while you get really high-quality items.

One size fits all

Santa hats fit most people and hence it will help you save time on choosing the right sizes for your employees and clients.

Make the hat design personal

If you have  a large team of employees working in  different departments, think of color coding the hats for different departments. For instance, the accounts department personnel may have green trim hats whereas the HR department can opt for yellow or pink.  Nothing will stop you from attaining the perfect look for your employees except your creativity. It is also a  fun way of bringing together your teams. Choose from various interesting models like Sequin-covered Santa hats for office parties or LED Santa hats among others.

You can even go for novelty designs like Santa hats with elf ears or those with or antlers. If you wish to build up a buzz during the  holiday season, these are absolutely the way to go!

Whatever your style,  make sure that your custom Santa hats look nice in your office set up and complement your company aesthetics, to make it a delightful festive gift and not a gaudy item that may turn off people!

Plan Ahead

Make sure  that you have enough time for your custom Christmas hats to arrive. Being customizable, it might take a bit longer than generic hats. Last but not least  always double check your design before you send it off. There cant be anything dreadful than a misspelled name during the festive celebrations!

 No matter whether you wish to consider the classic Santa hats or something quirky or even wild, your employees should appreciate  these Christmas giveaway ideas to complete the fun

 Need more inspiration?   Watch this space for our daily blog posts or reach out to our friendly team for more holiday gift ideas