Statistics Show That July 4th Promotions Can Be Crucial For Marketers – Must Read!

The statistics and figures of July 4th speak for themselves on why Independence Day happens to be a golden opportunity for marketers to be creative with their red, white, and blue marketing materials and themes.

July 4th Promotional Statistics!

Did you know that on July 4th

  • 41.9 Million people will travel a minimum of 50 miles
  • Americans will eat 150 Million hot dogs over the holiday weekend
  • $247 Million Worth Chinese fireworks will be purchased
  • $3.6 Million American flags will be imported for the holiday

Thus an average American spends around $300 on Independence Day celebrations, which is a lot of money for local businesses, gift stores and gas stations. So, make sure you get your fair share of customer pie during July 4th sales by planning interesting campaigns and custom gift ideas. This is your time to stay ahead in the competition and to make a buzz in the market painted in red, white and blue!

Looking for some patriotic themed gifts your customers will surely love? Take a peek at some of our top selling gift items.

US National Flag Foldable Tote Bags: A perfect bag to carry the daily essentials during the summer outdoor fun and the Independence Day parades and parties. The star and stripes design will grab easy attention while the foldable design will make it easy for your recipients to carry this tote bag that they need always. Put your brand and message on these and see how your message will be the talking topic among your audience.

Promotional US National Flag Foldable Tote Bags

Patriotic Malibu Sunglasses: Your recipients will surely love to don these trendy sunglasses in red, white and blue colors while attending the July 4th parades and parties. Personalize it with your message and Independence Day greetings to impress your audience.

Promotional Patriotic Malibu Sunglasses

USA Beach Balls: These 16 inch promotional USA beach balls have always been one of the most popular promotional items. Featuring alternating red, blue and white panels with stars imprinted on colored panels, these will make a perfect day for July 4th celebrations and events. The best part is that every time they carry these to the beach or the pool parties, they will be reminded of your brand. These attractive balls will make interesting talking topics too!

16 Inch Promotional USA Beach Balls

Circle Shape Independence Day Magnets 20 Mil: Magnets make interesting fridge décor items and a subtle way to promote your brand 24 x 7. Every time your recipients open their refrigerator doors to grab a grub , they will see your brand gazing down at them and just imagine the brand exposure these magnets ensure over a period of time. Spread patriotic fervor and your message alike with these attractive refrigerator magnets.

4 Inch Promotional Circle Shape Independence Day Magnets 20 Mil

Golf Umbrellas: Summer is the time to hit the green for the golf aficionados and these golf umbrellas with star and stripe design double up as excellent patriotic gifts and golf items alike. Every time they use these colorful brollies they will be reminded of your brand.

64 Inch Arc Custom Printed Golf Umbrellas

USA Round Ball Stress Relievers: Independence Day weekend transforms into mayhem and lot of stress inducing travel plans for most people. It will make a sensible idea to hand out these ball shaped stress relievers in US flag theme to keep your recipients calm.

Custom Printed USA Round Ball Stress Relievers

Fiber Optic Stars and Stripes LED Light Wands: Nothing says Independence Day celebrations than the spectacular fireworks display. Add to the glitter and glamour of the night with these light-up wands. Loads of fun for the recipients and a great way for you to make your brand spotted!

Custom Printed Fiber Optic Stars and Stripes LED Light Wands

We have a lot more in Independence day gifts and we want you to have the fun of shopping at its best at our well stocked stores. Happy shopping!

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