Stackable Bamboo Fiber Bento Boxes- Best Giveaways for Food Brands

Custom Bamboo Lunch Box Sets are a rage,these days for its classic design, ecofriendly traits and above all high utility. It will make a perfect employee gift and a promotional item for restaurants and F & B industry to boost their sagging stakes in the post pandemic world. Probably restaurants were affected the most by the lock down restrictions, which made it impossible for the diners to drop in to their favorite eatery.

Stackable Bento Lunch Sets

Now that the life is returning to normal, it will make a perfect time for food businesses to consider high value and innovative handouts like bamboo lunch boxes that ensure an insta-worthy experience for your customers.

Why Bamboo Lunch Box Sets?


Made of bamboo, these are ecofriendly and make a great alternative to single-use take-away boxes.  Fiber Bento Boxes feature two food storage containers with built in utensil storage between the layers and a cutting board lid that is 100% bamboo.

Made of 55% bamboo fiber and 45% double wall plastic, these storage items will go a long way in reducing plastic usage which benefits the environment. Highlight your ecofriendly traits by handing out these reusable box sets to show that you care for the environment as much as your customers.


As most F&B outlets have been urging their customers to bring their own take-away boxes, these logo gifts will make a relevant gift choice for your customers. These value added gifts will make a great reminder of your brand that will stimulate impulse purchase from the happy customers. Encourage your diners to bring these trendy custom bamboo lunch box sets for a discount on their meals!


The stackable design of these lunch boxes makes it an absolute space saver in office pantries and homes. If you are looking for custom gifts that will never fail to impress your audience, look no further than these sleek lunch boxes.

Stackable Bamboo Fiber Bento Boxes

 Here are some great ways to use Bento lunch boxes

As Loyalty Program gifts

Free bamboo lunch box makes great loyalty gifts for customers purchasing for a specific value. It will bring back your diners more often as they are required to purchase multiple times to redeem the free gift.

As employee gifts

Encourage your team to eat healthy while ensuring a healthy planet  by switching to these reusable lunch boxes. Designed to last long and look great, these lunch boxes imprinted with your logo and artwork  will even double up as team spirit items.

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