St. Patrick’s Day Custom Gifts For Every Budget

Though St. Patrick’s Day is essentially an Irish festival, it is observed in many other parts of the world including America. With a host of events like parades and parties, this day remains as a great day of Irish-American tradition. St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in the US dates back to the 18th century when Irish soldiers and immigrants arrived in the country.

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Today, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated by the entire nation where friends and family come together for a traditional meal, fun parades and festive fun. Americans celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with passion and for businesses it makes a great time to think of a themed promotional campaign to reach out to their target audience. To make it easy for you to get started, we have hand picked some fun gift items for St. Patrick’s Day to enhance your brand popularity in a subtle way.

Mood Color Changing Sport Bottles: Nobody can resist these color-changing sports bottles that will grab the attention of everyone in the parades! Made in the USA, BPA free and recyclable sports bottles are available in a range of attractive colors as well. Personalize these with your brand and message to make it a perfect handout.

Custom Printed 32 Oz Mood Color Changing Sport Bottles

4-Leaf Clover Stress Relievers: Shaped like the Irish symbol of luck, these 4 leaf clover stress relievers will make a perfect handout for St. Patrick’s Day. Customize these with your brand and message to enhance the identity of these logo items that will get used every day.

Custom Printed 4-Leaf Clover Stress Relievers

4-Leaf Clover Shaped Pencils: If you are looking for a handout in the shape of the Irish symbol of clover, settle for these popular gift choices of clover shaped pencils. Offered in a range of colors including the St. Patrick’s color of green, these logo items will get a lot of attention and appreciation.

Custom Printed 4-Leaf Clover Shaped Pencils

Glow bracelets: Offered in various exciting colors, these light-up bracelets will be the marketing champs during St. Patrick’s Day! Your recipients will surely love it and the more they choose to wear, more will be your brand exposure.

Promotional 9 Inch Deluxe Triple Wide Glow Bracelets

Light Up Yo-Yo: Yo Yos can bring back the childhood fun to anyone’s life so easily no matter whether you are young or old. These light up Yo Yos will create an impressive spectacle during night parades and events. Put your brand on these and see how the world goes crazy over your brand!

Logo Printed Light Up Yo-Yo

LED Finger Lights Designed to fit any finger size, these glow finger lights will drive up the party feel of St. Patrick’s Day parades and events for sure. Choose from a range of 4 colors including St. patrick’s Day color of green to leave a lasting impression.

Custom Printed LED Finger Lights

Are you planning a St Patrick’s Day themed promotions? Do share your gift ideas and tips in the comments section below to join an interesting conversation with our audience. Happy St. Patrick’s Day !

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