Custom Fund Raising Items- Inspire Everyone To Give More To The Needy

Show that you care for the community and for the underprivileged by joining hands with non profits and charity organizations. Volunteering will make people feel good and valuable. Here are some great fund raising items that will help you source money for the needy. It will enhance the brand goodwill and acceptance among your audience. Most customers especially the millennials want to associate with businesses that give to charity than brands that are solely focused on making profits.

Custom Fund Raising Items- Inspire Everyone!

Here are some fund raising custom products that are fun and cool that will make the event all the more interesting. Get started by choosing a great social cause and shop for the most trending fund raising items that will do something really good to the community.


Popular and budget friendly, custom pens will make great fund raising items. Choose novelty pens like mop topper pens or the on-trend stylus pens that will inspire the crowd to buy a few of these. The best fund raising items are low cost items that are high on utility; pens tick this box with ease. These can be sold off at a higher price to raise money for the social cause. Make sure to imprint your charity message or mascot on these to give it a unique tag that will inspire everyone to be active in social causes. These daily use items sell like hot cakes and raise funds for your cause and make your logo popular.

Promotional Acadia Pens


Everyone needs keychains for their home, office or car. Anyone will happily buy these everyday items and your fund raising campaign is all set to be a huge success. Choose novelty or combo keychains that can perform a couple of other tasks than just carrying the keys to create an interest. Bottle opener keychains or   flashlight keychains are great gift ideas to consider. The big plus- these well retained items will not just raise the money but will keep your brand in plain view of the recipients for a long time.

Custom Imprinted Lorenzo Bottle Opener


These full color logo items will make their way straight on to the fridge doors and remain there for a very long time. Choose from various models like car magnets or calendar magnets to ensure the best impact. Every time your recipients see these magnets they will feel proud to be part of the social cause and will inspire them to support social causes in future as well. Custom magnets have one of the lowest costs per impressions and are available at prices as low as a few cents, which make them perfect fund raising items.

2x3.5 Inch Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corner

Studies have shown that 90 percent of employers feel their brand value increases by partnering with a reputable nonprofit organization. It is a great step in making the world a happier place and makes a win- win situation for everyone involved right from your employees, your organization and the social cause of support.

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