Spa Marketing Tips and Ideas- Must Read

Get your clients come back to your spa more often with these excellent marketing tips. Retaining spa clients can be a challenging task for most marketers considering the incredible competition in this niche.

Apart from ensuring an amazing customer experience, including spa themed custom giveaways in your promotions  will make your clients truly special. These interesting business promotional strategies will surely encourage your clients to treat themselves like they deserve more often.

Regular clients ensure the much desired stability to your business and beat seasonal ups and downs. Happy customers also bring in new client referrals and better brand exposure.  So, these tips will help you get repeat  clients throughout the year and will truly work in your favor.

Create the right setting

Make your clients feel ethereal, the moment they enter your spa with relaxing aromatherapy scents, soft lighting, fresh flower arrangements and soothing colors.

Bespoke packages

Customer is indeed the king.  Include the preferences of your clients to modify your packages to make it more value added. Even if you specialize in a particular massage, you can take the needs of the customers into consideration, to fine tune and make it more useful for them.

Further, when your customers feel happy at your services, they will surely develop an urge to make a return visit. Also, ensure the supply of fresh and healthy snacks and special drinks for your clients. It will even make them feel special.


Drive up the foot traffic by advertising quick or inexpensive spa treatments like scalp massage or a quick-dry manicure to lure clients who may be on their way to shopping or school. Put up a few colorful banners that highlight these quick services to target these busy clientele who may be hard pressed for time. Further, highlight the wide variety of services you offer, the special price package and the experienced massage therapists that you have, to get your message across.

Reach out to the local community

Make sure to plan an ad schedule within your community; including direct mail, and online media like neighborhood apps, where you can advertise coupons and special offers during local holidays , festivals and events . Offer a discount to local customers to make them feel brand loyal.

A website makeover

Bring in seasonal colors and themes to your website, to engage new customers and pique interest in them. It will obviously show your proactive brand identity and  how eager you are to serve them.

Drive Referrals

Let your regular customers know you value them by offering a reward, for every referral they bring in Apart from discount coupons and special price offers, spa themed handouts like cooling towels or scented candles will make lasting reminders of your spa. It will indeed be  a great souvenir for your clients and a warm  reminder of the relaxing experience they have had at your spa.

Looking for more tips?  Reach out to our team for some cool tips that will put you ahead in the game! It will indeed keep the chill vibes flowing and your spa top of mind