Simple Corporate Halloween Party Ideas Revealed

The general trends indicate that Halloween celebrations are likely to be up this year compared with last and are close to pre-pandemic levels.

Marketers are enthusiastic about the upward trends and are coming up with the most innovative promotional strategies to reserve their share of customer pie during the lucrative Halloween season.No matter whether or not Halloween parties are going to be like they used to be before the pandemic, these cool party ideas will pump up the fun of the event.

Here are some Halloween custom giveaways and party ideas that will help you host a perfect corporate Halloween party.

Virtual Murder Mystery

It is a fantastic choice of Halloween Corporate Event Ideas especially of you have your team still working away from office. It is an engaging idea to celebrate Halloween in the new normal world. Guests can  get into their favorite character in appropriate costumes and solve one of the many mysteries together. It is a perfect excuse for your employees to come together in Zoom for some serious fun and not just for their meetings and business presentation!

Trick or treat

Deliver Halloween treats to your remote staff to show that you care and give your employees something to smile about. Mail out Halloween staples like chocolate, candy, glow products and spooky custom giveaways imprinted with your brand and message to complete the fun.

 Create a House of Horrors for your Halloween office activity

 Choose an empty office space and deck it up in scary Halloween theme complete with zombies, ghosts, spiders and blood splattered body parts. You can even bring in strobe lights and fog machines to create a perfect backdrop. A haunted house theme party will scare the day light out of everyone for sure.

Office Halloween costume party

Choose a theme and everyone can dress according to the theme. From something scary like Walking Dead to super heroes, fun characters, period costumes and so much more- options are all yours. No matter how you wish to go about it, make sure  that costumes are  appropriate and non-offending.

Photo Op

Set up a photo booth with scary props like skeletons, skull to match the Halloween theme. It will be a great ice breaker and something worth celebrating in social media pages for many days to come.

 Spooktacular Food for your Corporate Party

Nothing says party like good food. Putting together a menu for your corporate Halloween party can be overwhelming. Think of all those slimy and weird looking food items that will leave everyone freaked out. Line up bottles of colored soda labeled Vampire Blood or Death Potion. You are only limited by your imagination!

Halloween Décor

Setting up a spooky, frightening house of horrors for your Corporate Halloween party  will be tons of fun. Let your creative juices flow to come up with decorative ideas like spiders, ensnaring cobwebs or  brains on food platters that will send a shiver down the spine of everyone. spooky lighting and terrifying  screams across  the office cubicles will complete the setting. It will truly get everyone trembling with fear for the whole day!

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