Best Football Themed Promotional Ideas: From Kickoff to Bowl Season

Here are some of the best football promotional ideas that will kick off a successful promotion for businesses right up to the super bowl frenzy!

Whether you are promoting your sports bar, restaurant or brewery, these tips will get the fans rush in like crazy!

Football Promotions to Kick Off the Season

Let your business become the favorite spot to watch the games, celebrate a win or let go the sorrow after a loss for your fans.  You can think of countless football themed promotional ideas to engage the audience with your brand and the big game – all through the season.

Here are a few tips that will help you get started

Host a Tailgate style outdoor party

Turn the open parking lot or an outdoor seating area into your tailgate headquarters and bring the fans for some pre- game excitement. Spread the word in social pages and you are all set with a great marketing strategy – fairly early in the game!

Build up a hype and celebrate all things football to show your team spirit along with the fans with this tailgate like party experience. It will make a great advertisement to other potential customers as well. You can even set up a few colorful tents , host a cook out party to make it at par with the real tailgate experience. Plus, you can continue this activity every time the home team is playing.

Bar games and fun

Complement the Adrenaline rush of first game of the season with a delightful chance to get their game on along with football promotions. Cornhole Tournament with your own cornhole boards painted in the hometown team’s colors will be a great choice. Trivia games and football bingo are some of the many other fun games that will keep your customers stick around longer in your bar bringing more business to you.

 Extended happy hours

Break the stereotype normal bar hours  by closing late or opening early to take your football promotions to the next level. Consider a menu makeover with football-themed brunch drinks and cocktails to get the game day frenzy soar!

Invite Fans to Walk your own selfie stadium

Recreate the excitement of the stadium grounds by setting up your own stadium at the free space at the  back -complete with a fake grass carpet.  Put up a giant poster of a stadium featuring your logo to make it as  real as  you can. Do not forget to set up props like pom poms or footballs. Offer the services of a photographer to snap the shots of fans arriving, or  provide a selfie stick and encourage everyone take their own selfies. Just see the fans teeming to get the selfies taken. Needless to say, your bar will be the talk of the town and in social media after this event for sure!

Compact Selfie Sticks

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