Seal A Business Deal In No Time With Promotional Chip Clips

Potato chips is one of the most favorite snack items of Americans that nobody can eat just one! At the sports stands, in the TV room, in the car or at the weekend picnic or cinema, people love to enjoy potato chips and most of them can even polish off a whole bag in the blink of an eye! All the chips aficionados out there will agree that one more chip can’t hurt, nor the next one, nor the one after that!

custom imprinted grip it chip clips

But often people end up with stale chips a short while after they have opened the packet. Now you can ensure fresh and crispy chips to all your customers with these custom chip clips that will keep the chips packet fresh for a long time after they’ve been opened. These handy clips keep the air out and keep the contents inside crunchy for longer. Promotional bag clips make perfect gifts for tradeshows, home shows, fun fairs and other events.

2.5 inch custom printed keep it chip clips

Great for everyday use in the kitchen or during picnics, chip clips keeps the bags closed, retain crispiness of the chips and keep them from spilling out. If you thought high visibility promotional gifts are always costly, these simple and budget friendly gifts will give you a pleasant surprise. Your logo will stay right in front of the eyes of your customers every time they reach out to their favorite snack items to leave a strong impression in their minds.

Let’s admit it! Chip clips may very well be the best invention as it not just ensures a steady supply of crunchy chips but also can be used as paper clips or cloth clips among others. Promotional chip clips make useful business corporate gifts or gifts-with-purchase that people will cherish for long. Every time they reach out to their favorite chips, the logo and business message of the clips will grab their attention.

Though these clips were originally designed basically for potato chip bags, these versatile items can be used for keeping packets of cereals, pet food, bread, tea, flour or sugar well sealed and fresh. Chip clips are always welcome in any household or even in office or car and your recipients will always love to have a handful of these considering the functional features of these adorable gifts.

Imprinted chip clips will bring your logo right into the homes of your customers. Some of these clips that come with magnetic backing can also be used as kitchen refrigerator memo clips when not being used as snack bag clips.

Promotional chip clips make highly useful handouts that are ideal for holding coupons, reminders, receipts, photos, and more. ProImprint has a range of promotional clips in various styles and color choices that it is never too hard to choose the one that matches your theme. Give your message the advantage of ongoing exposure in both home and office with these promotional clips from ProImprint that will leave your customers with packets of fresh and crunchy chips.