Safety Kits And Personal  Protection Products For First Responders

Make the daily interactions of your responders and essential workers safe with these handy personal protection items. Remaining vigilant about personal hygiene is the first step to avoid contact with bacteria and viruses.


Here are some protection products for your brave essential workers and first responders. Even you can handout some of these items to your customers or employees for their outdoor errands.

Cloth masks

Reusable, absorbent and above all stylish, custom cloth masks will reduce the risks of direct exposure to droplets and respiratory fluids when people are in public space. Customize these with your brand and message to highlight your social commitment and brand image alike. Your recipients will find these high utility gifts a great addition to their personal security kits.

Breathable Cotton Face Masks

Hand sanitizers

Offered in a wide range of models and price rates, hand sanitizers are the most potent weapon in the arsenal against covid-19. Studies have proven that washing hands with alcohol based hand sanitizers can keep germs at bay and reduce the risks of contamination. Choose from a range of various models including wipes, spray and gel among others.

1 Oz Hand Sanitizer Gel

Personal safety kits

Packed in stylish cosmetic bags, these custom personal safety kits include all the essential safety items like hand sanitizers, facemasks and thermometer among others. Your message on these safety kits will get a lot of appreciation. These make great handouts for employees on your post covid grand reopening day.

Personal Protection Classic Kit - Full Color

Dry Bags

Another must have item for essential workers, hospital employees or anyone on the move, these washable dry bags make a great way to carry their  personal belongings with them. Choose from various models and color choices.

Wetty 50 Liter Dry Duffel Bags

Anti-Germ Personal Safety Tools

Staying safe from unclean surfaces and touch points is easier than never before  with these innovative Anti-Germ Utility Tools and Badge Holders that allow users to open doors without coming in direct contact with them. The tip of these can be used as a stylus for ATM’s, keypads, or to press elevator buttons. These multi-functional tools make perfect handouts for any employer with  a travelling team on rolls.

Kooty Key Anti-Germ Utility Tools with Retractable Badge Holder

Screen Cleaners and Microfiber Cloths

Keeping all the surfaces clean and germ proof is the only way to stay safe from Coronavirus. Keep the phones and other gadgets that you use with cleaning cloths or alcohol-based spray cleaner.  Choose from a wide range of models. These everyday items of custom cleaning gadgets make a highly appreciated handout during Covid pandemic.

 Imprinted Microfiber Cloths in Clear Pouch

Stylus Pens

Stylus pens make a smart way to reduce contact with commercial and personal electronic devices and the risk of infections. Whether your prospects use it at the bill counters of  super markets or use it to press elevator buttons or touch screen kiosks, your brand imprinted on it will get a lot of attention.

Yoga Stylus Pen And Phone Stand

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