Why Hand Washing Is A Proven Way To Stay Safe From Covid-19?

The Corona virus sweeping across the world has become a serious concern for the public and health care professionals alike. With a vaccine yet to be developed, we can only prevent the Corona attack than hope for an immediate cure! However, it is indeed relieving to note that the basic steps of personal hygiene like washing hands can kill Corona virus completely.


Why Washing Hands Is Crucial?

We live in a hidden world of germs! However, we may not get affected by it as long as we maintain a healthy and hygienic life style. When your hygiene or health goes down, germs attack and conquer- as in the case of Corona.

Anything that your hands touch can pick up and pass on germs! These hand contact points need to be kept sterile and germ free. Every time you pat your pets, wipe a door mat, open the door of a shop, hold the escalator handle or  use the keyboard, your hand comes in contact with millions of  microscopic germs, most of which  are disease causing.  It happens all the time as you go about your daily errands! Be it at home, at work or on the go, you are always exposed to germs.

How germs spread?

The germs on your hand will spread to others when you make contact with others. For instance, when you hug your kids, shake hands with boss, use a touch phone of your colleague or share a snack with your friends – the germs spread to them.  It’s not all!  If you use your hands to wipe face or blow your nose it will get into your body and causes serious self infection!

How to stay safe?

So, how to stay safe? You cannot live under a boulder for the fear of germs after all! The solution is to wash the hands thoroughly with soap or hand sanitizers with atleast 62% of alcohol. It will not just  keep you germ free but will prevent the germs from spreading as well.

Know The Correct way to wash hands

Washing hands with plain water or a quick rinse will not remove germs Use soap or alcohol based hand sanitizers and wash hands for atleast 20-30 seconds, covering every part of the hand including nails, between the fingers and the wrist to flush out germs from everywhere. Check out a wide range of custom Covid 19 products that will keep your prospects safe.

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When to wash  hands?

It is recommended to wash hands whenever you feel that the hands are not 100% clean. However, the golden rule of hand washing is to wash hands after using toilet, handling pets, or coming back from outside. It is recommended to wash hands after sneezing, caring the sick and before / during cooking. All it takes is a few minutes of caution to stay safe!

Washing hands with soap, when done correctly, is critical in the fight against the novel corona virus disease (COVID-19). However, it is not as easy as it sounds because UNICEF reports that only 3 out of 5 people worldwide have basic hand-washing facilities.

Hand washing with soap is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to protect yourself and others against not just corona virus, but other infectious diseases as well. As the pandemic continues to spread, the time has come for everyone of us to recognize the importance of hand washing as a proven prevention measure against COVID-19.

Join the fight and break the Corona chain!