Reusable Water Bottles – A Great Swag for Green Themed Campaigns

Did you know that bottled water holds the second largest share of the beverage market in the U.S and is worth more than $12 billion a year? Apart from being an expensive habit, reusable water bottles pose a great threat to the nature and cause extensive  pollution. Reusable water bottles will not just help the average American family save hundreds of dollars over the years but make world a better place to live for future generations.


The luxury of having your own bottle

Custom water bottles offer the luxury of having a personal water bottle that is easy to carry and stylish enough to show off. It is a way to show that your committed to nature and are responsible for the well being of every living creature on this planet. Plus  bringing your own bottle will save you the occasional  trips to the convenience store and ensure that you have a steady supply of pure water that will help you stay hydrated and healthy.

25 Oz Promotional Spectra Bottles

Make a life style change

Reusable water bottles will make a healthy lifestyle that will not just improve the health of the users but the planet as a whole. Designed to last long and perform seamlessly, metal water bottles will bear the daily grinds with a wide grin , which makes it a suitable option for the busy office goers, the naughty school kids or the  stay at home moms and pops.

24 Oz Slim Fit Water Bottles with Flip Straw Lid

Dime a dozen models

Insulated metal water bottles are available in an exciting range of colors, shapes and styles.  Models with double wall vacuum insulation will keep the beverages hot or cold as desired for a long time. Choose from different models like stainless steel, aluminum, copper lined bottles and a lot more.  BPA free, safe and free from chemicals, these bottles are well cut to carry any beverage well insulated while retaining its natural flavors.

Personalized Lincoln Stainless Steel Bottles

Recycle & Recover

Metal water bottles can be recycled and recovered to put to use productively without letting it go into the landfills. Studies show that  most people especially the millennial crowd prefer businesses that are ecofriendly and committed to social causes of cutting down the plastic waste. Show that you care for not just the heath of your patrons but for the whole world and earn goodwill of your prospects during business events and campaigns.

Custom Printed Valais Squeeze Plastic Bottles

To sum up

Reusable water bottles are available in  charming colors, which makes it easy for you to match it with your corporate color; these insulate heat so hot beverages don’t cool down and chilled drinks don’t turn hot. Thirdly these prevent spills, are  travel safe and most importantly these make a  sustainable replacement to disposable bottles . So, what’s not to like about reusable bottles?