Custom Pens – Handouts That Keeps Giving Back

Pens are probably one of the most popular promotional items among businesses. Though these mundane handouts cannot claim of anything exceptional, custom pens have a low cost per impression when regularly used and passed around , which in turn will convert into  a high return on investment in the long run.



Custom pens make popular gifts that not many people can resist. People of all age groups and demographics will find these writing instruments a great choice. Everyone will find these basic tools a great addition to their work desks, school bags or even travel wallets. Whether it is to note down reminders, or random thoughts that cross the minds, people find pens a perfect companion both at work and beyond.

Curvy Matte Ballpoint Pens


Pens will keep your logo right in front of the audience and people around at all times. Whether at the pen holder, on the work desks or inside the notepads, pens remain in the vicinity of people and that is what makes these logo items incredibly popular.

Cosimo Bettoni® Ballpoint Pens


Everyone needs pens in their everyday lives. However, not many people remember to buy these writing instruments till they need it. Pens also happen to be one of the most misplaced items; often pens are borrowed and never given back, lost  during commute and more. So, that is another reason why pens make excellent free gifts that everyone will find truly valuable.

Plunger Action Style Dart Pens

Subtle branding at its best

The best part of branded pens is that displays your brand’s name out there in a subtle manner without being overwhelming. Though your brand may be in full view of the users it  is never intrusive. The bets part is that pens subconsciously puts your brand at the forefront of their minds every time someone uses it.  Thus your audience will remain engaged with your message on a regular basis that they will instantly remember your name whenever they need your products or services.

Bamboo Design Twist Pens

Goodwill Branding

Branded pens foster goodwill among your customers and develop a positive association with your brand. Your recipients will truly cherish this gesture whenever they use the pen and might even become loyal customers in the long run.

Dual Ballpoint Stylus Pen with 6 Colors

Increased Sales

Branded pens make great referral gifts to appreciate your clients and their patronage. This will inspire them to support your brand even further, thereby setting off word of mouth publicity.  Logo pens thus create repeat customers who are willing to support your brand as your recipients will feel truly appreciated and they will be more than willing to support your brand.

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