Quick Tips To choose Custom Tradeshow Handouts That Stand out

Trade show floors are buzzing places where marketers come face to face with prospects, vendors and competitors. By having the best trade show giveaways in your kitty you can stand out in the crowd, earn the attention of everyone and inspire the attendees to learn more about your brand.


Promotional gifts make an incredible addition to the marketing mix of businesses. It will pique interest in your product line, get your message out and above all leave a tangible reminder of your brand. However, not all handouts can ensure a successful promotion.

Here is a quick guide on how to choose gifts that will never fail to impress.

Custom Items Everyone Can Use

According to a PPAI study, 85 percent of consumers will hold onto a promotional product if it’s useful. So, make sure to put your promotional dime on popular handouts and things that everyone may need in their homes or work places. This is especially true while considering tradeshow handouts. By handing out items that your attendees may need, you can ensure they remember you for long even after the event.

Here are some of the gift ideas that you will find interesting

  • Tote bags: Often referred to as the best tradeshow staples ever, tote bags make a budget friendly and stylish handout. You can choose from different materials choices, models and price points too. Cotton or jute totes are great to show off your fashion forward profile along with social commitment. Totes have a large imprint space too for your brand and message. Every time your recipients take these handouts for a day out on the beach or shopping, your brand will reach a wider audience.
  • Water bottles: Your attendees will find water bottles a highly useful handout during outdoor tradeshows. Ready to use instantly, these stylish custom water bottles will keep your brand and message in plain view of your attendees. Everyone needs water bottles on the go, at home or in office; so you can imagine the exposure your brand will get on these logo items. A folding water bag that is easy-to-store and carry is another smart gift to keep the thirst quenched.
  • Phone chargers: Keep the phones of your recipients up and ticking even at the end of a busy day at work with these highly useful logo gifts. Your brand imprinted on these tech accessories will even become the favorite talking topic of your recipients.

 Food and drink

Your attendees will appreciate a quick grub when they are rushing around the trade show floor. Custom food and candy make one of the most popular tradeshow handouts. Be it cookie, trail mix, popcorn or chocolates, your recipients will indeed be grateful to your brand.  These tasty treats will draw them to your booth and open the door for a conversation.

Promotional Candy Dispenser with Candies

A tool they’ll want to keep on hand

Custom tool sets will make a great trade show item. Handy enough to fit the emergency kit, bags or pockets, they come to the aid of your recipients in a variety of situations. Imprint your brand and get your audience reminded about your business.

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