Imprinted Hand Sanitizers- Get Your Brand Seen Many Times A Day!

The best promotional items for your company are items that are often used. While investing in custom products you should consider how often these items will be used. Custom hand sanitizers will make a great handout to consider. It is something that everyone needs on a daily basis. By investing your advertising dollars on sanitizers you can be sure that your logo will be seen multiple times and by many people- not just your primary recipients.


Hand sanitizers will keep people germ free and make an easy way to clean your hands when people do not have access to soap and water. Be it at work, car, school or in the crowd, washing hands can go a long way in preventing the chances of infections to a large extent. Usually made from isopropanol or ethanol alcohol, sanitizers are available in various forms like gels, foams, and liquid solutions which can be poured or sprayed on your hands to prevent being sick. Sanitizers containing alcohol are the most effective sanitizers to kill germs. Studies have proven that hand sanitizer is 100 times more effective at killing off viruses than hand washing with soap and water.

Most sanitizers can kill up to 99.9% of harmful germs that are on your hands. For this reason they are especially popular during change of seasons and flu outbreak periods. Washing hands is the easiest and the most effective way to remain germ free and healthy. Hand sanitizers are helpful in situations when soap and water are not accessible. The Food and Drug Administration has classified hand sanitizers as health care worker hand wash, hand alcohol, or a hand antiseptic.

2 Oz Hand Sanitizer Gels with Carabiner are great choices for the outdoorsy clients. FDA approved, these sanitizers are easy to use; the carabiner makes it easy to attach these on to backpacks and belts and carry wherever they go.

If you are looking for a mess-free way to stay sterile, All-Natural Pen Spray Sanitizers will make a better choice. Your brand imprinted on the scratch-resistant, waterproof Tuf Gloss label will get a lot of attention during tradeshows and outdoor events. It is made in USA, and offered in a handy spray model.

Promotional All-Natural Pen Spray Sanitizers

Clip Moisture Bead Hand Sanitizers are FDA approved antibacterial gel with moisturizing beads with vitamin E and aloe. These scented hand sanitizers offered in a compact packing that is just right for travel and everyday use. Attach these sanitizers on to backpacks or belts with its handy clip to ensure a robust brand promotion.

1 Oz Customized Cozy Clip Moisture Bead Hand Sanitizer - 12 Colors

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