Proven Dental Marketing Strategies To Make Your Brand Shine

Dental care industry in the US is a highly competitive sector and to stand out in this niche, dentist offices need to come up with not just state of the art services but innovative marketing strategies as well.

Spread the word

Posters and banners in front of the clinic is the best way to let people know about your special discounts for dental care procedures. Set up banners and flags at locations with high foot traffic or distribute flyers in residential areas and in other places where your prospects will see these.

Enhance the appeal of these promotions by getting your employees attired in imprinted T shirts to distribute flyers , free dental magnets or other appropriate dental promotional giveaways like ice packs , notepads and more. These handouts will make a long lasting reminder of your services. You can also handout these logo items at the waiting area of your clinic so that people will get engaged with your brand while waiting for their turn.

Awareness campaigns

It is a smart marketing idea to conduct oral hygiene lectures in your local day care centers and elementary schools to make kids aware of the importance of dental hygiene while promoting your business. Giving out some informative brochures and custom giveaways to young children starts them with a good oral hygiene habit.

Make Them Remember Their Appointment Date

The most challenging task for any dental office is to get back their first time clients for their  subsequent appointments. Help them  to remember their appointment by handing out desk calendars, which they will surely find useful in marking out the dates.

Calendar magnets are another popular gift choice. It will help the audience to remember the next appointment date without fail. Your clients can easily display these full color magnets on their fridge doors or a whiteboard along with their other reminders where they will never miss it. Apart from helping them remember the appointment date, these attractive magnets will double up as your contact card that they can refer every time they need your services even after they have completed their appointment.

Don’t Forget to Thank your clients

 Send out thank you cards with mailer items to your clients, a week after their first visit to your clinic. It will make them feel special and emotionally attached to your business. Adding a personal touch can do wonders.  Apart from showing them your appreciation for choosing your clinic, it is a  proven way to  build a personal relationship and increase customer retention. Your customers are more likely to remember your services the next time they need dental services.

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