Custom Luggage Tags- Corporate Gifts of the Year!

As pandemic risk  has hit an all- time  low, most people are planning fall season holidays; and travel themed handouts like luggage tags are back on the gift list for most businesses.

Your clients and customers may be planning to dust off their travel bags for a new adventure to visit family and friends for a much awaited hug. So, there cant be a better time to get your message into their hands with handouts like custom luggage tags.

The best part is that these versatile marketing tools are ideal for not just travel agents but any business niche, clubs, teams or events. Here are inspiring ideas to use custom luggage tags in your promotions.

Golf club promotions

Luggage tags will even make popular handouts to give out to members for golf and country clubs as sports bag tags.

School Reunion Gifts

Schools and alumni associations can supply luggage tags for backpacks and athletic bags to both past and present students. These colorful luggage tags even will double up as school spirit items or thank you gifts for alumni donations. Everyone needs luggage tags and hence these won’t look out of place during any occasion.

As Family Reunion Gift Bag Items

If you are looking for a family reunion handout, luggage tags will make a great choice. Apart from being a memorable keepsake that will take the family legacy far and wide, luggage tags comes handy to tag their bags during their subsequent trips . It is a fun way to celebrate the family pride as well and to start a conversation with anyone!

Trade Show Swag

Attending an upcoming trade show or business event that requires some attendees to travel? Luggage tags make a fantastic handout that can be mailed out in advance to your regular clients along with the event info. It will be a great way to  get them excited ahead of the big day.

Practical Custom promotional giveaways like luggage tags will be hugely popular among your customers. These colorful tags will help them to identify their bags, avoid baggage mix up and find it easily even if it gets misplaced. Make use of the high visibility imprint space to write your logo. Just think of the attention your message will get in airport lounges, hotels and more. Make your custom imprint interesting with a smart mix of graphics, logo and text.

Luggage tags are available in various models, shapes and price rates, which makes it easy to choose an appropriate model that will impress your audience. How do you plan to use these budget friendly handouts with a high perceived value in your promotions? Share your thoughts.