Proven Bar Promotion Tips For The Football Season

Looking for some sure fire tips to promote bars and turn the big game action into real sales this season? Here is a checklist for bigger bar sales. Offer something that the game parties at home  cant simply match in the form of some irresistible custom football season giveaways, special deals and theme menu for your guests and their friends to drive more footballs right into your bar.


Gift Cards

The top choice in any football promotions, gift cards will bring groups to your place. Bigger the offer better will be the response. So, do your math to allocate an appropriate gift card budget that will drive the biggest sale of the year during football season. You can even consider discount cards for cabs that will help the audience  get home safely and prevent the risks of drunken driving.


Support a Charity

Highlight your social commitment by getting a small fraction of group sales to a charitable cause. You can even let the patrons choose a charity for you to make them feel part of this endeavor. Plus, reports show than an overwhelming 88% of consumers prefer businesses that support charitable efforts.


Make It Game Day- all through

You don’t need to wait till the iconic kickoff to start your big game promotions. You can plan early and get the ball rolling fairly early to make your bar the big game headquarters!

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Offer Big Game special menu

Be it special pitchers, big fatty brunch or trendy toasts, feature items that your patrons might not have seen on a regular menu elsewhere and serve them up something special to celebrate the excitement of the football season. It is a great time for you to highlight your signature drinks and dishes to impress the patrons and make your football themed promotions special.

Drive up the fun by introducing the bartenders behind these super special drinks to the guests, arrange a photo shoot or even share some mixology tips  that will leave the audience truly delighted.


Tailgate parties

The best antidote for cold weather cabin fever  is a well planned cook out party. Fire up the grill and let the football fans tailgate all afternoon.  Offer something a little extra something to tempt the customers to spend more time in your bar and also get their friends in. Spread the word that your bar is the most happening game day hub in town!


Trivia Tournament

Information and entertainment in equal doses, trivia quizzes are a runaway hit during big game promotions. Let the competitive spirit of the big game win over the guests. A live pre-game trivia tournament is the best way to get everyone into the game mood. It’s fun than you think. Come up with some interesting custom gifts for the winners- complete with your brand imprint. it will be the best football season souvenir for them!

Football Key Chains

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