Promotional Webcam Covers – Handouts That Protect Cyber Privacy 

Webcam privacy is a serious cause of concern all over the world. Even Facebook® founder Mark Zuckerberg and former FBI director James Comey have been seen covering their webcams. As cameras are part of every gadget like laptops and tablets, users carry their open cameras wherever they go. However, webcam covers make a simple way to ensure absolute privacy for the users.

webcam cover

Highly practical and budget friendly, webcam covers get attached to gadgets with adhesive strips, which  can be slid aside when  the users need to use it to protect their privacy. Offered in a wide range of colors and models, webcam covers make great budget friendly handouts for all types of events.

Add a fun twist

Webcam covers are not just plain and functional accessories. You can even add a pop of color to the devices with webcam covers that are available in a wide range of goofy shapes like smileys.

Need a tech accessory with personality? Check out these Moptopper Webcam Security Covers with a silly and charming profile. It is impossible not to fall in love these webcam covers come with the added feature of screen cleaners that will further enhance its value. Choose from a range of attractive colors. These make delightful handouts that will grab easy attention and set off belly laughs!

Moptopper Webcam Security Covers

Webcam covers are  repositionable and can be reused as needed. Stay safe from the prying eyes of the hackers in the digital world by covering all your personal and professional devices with webcam covers. Light-weight and interesting, webcam covers make great additions to new-hire bags and customer mailers as well.

Wise Guise Webcam Covers is another smart choice to consider. These sleek custom webcam covers clips on to most laptops, tablets or smart phones. The big plus- these double up as handy penholders, which make it a great addition to every work desk!

Wise Guise Webcam Covers

Privy Aluminum Camera Blockers slides open and close to protect your privacy all the while allowing you to use your camera as needed. Light weight and thin, these accessories also allow you to easily close your laptop.

Privy Aluminum Camera Blockers

Ultra Thin Webcam Covers : These ABS plastic webcam covers adhere to your computer screen easily. Simply slide the cover to expose or cover your webcam lens. Budget friendly and highly useful, webcam covers make perfect handouts for tech tradeshows and business events.

Ultra Thin Webcam Covers

With the spurt in the number of camera-equipped devices in the market, maintaining privacy is certain to become more critical. Which of these webcam covers do you think will fit your needs? Join us for an interesting discussion.