Cool Products for your “Stranger Things” Office Party

So you have fallen into Hawkins, Indiana and never got out of there? Well then grab some 80’s costumes and string up the Christmas lights! You’ll also have to deck some Eggos, waffles, ice cream scoops and cherry Slurpees, or maybe strawberry Slurpees… obviously, what’s the difference right?!! Coz we got some amazing merchandise you can try, for a full-on Stranger Things office Party! All you need is some Stranger Things customized goodies and you are set. You could even try a binge-watching session with your colleagues to make it more thrilling and chilling! So what are you waiting for? Let’s bash straight out of the Upside Down with some promotional party supplies!

stranger things

Dustin Tucker Cap

Remember the tucker cap Dustin had, from season one? It was one of his signature accessories! It’s like the Henderson kid is never complete without his tucker cap. If you are in love with this cute, innocent, toothless child from Stranger things, get some super cool custom printed snapback tucker caps now! Find that “awesome hair” Steve Harrington from your colleagues and make the team!

Printed Snapback Trucker Caps

Billy’s Life Guard Tanktop

Billy Hargrove, no matter how much we hate him, deep down we still have a crush on him! Billy evolved into a superhero, from the annoying brat we saw in season two. And it’s true; nobody can walk past Billy without checking his long tank top, ultra-cool sunglasses and long blonde hair! Get some custom printed Company cotton tank tops from us and print Hawkins Lifeguard on to it along with the Stranger Things logo. If you can’t find a Billy, make one your own!

Port and Company Cotton Tank Tops

Stranger things Party Cups

Cherry Slurpees are mandatory, right? Coz that’s all we have, to remember the sweetest Russian guy Alexei! And to serve these Slurpees, we present you Insulated party cups with spill-proof lid. Print Stranger things logo on to some black party cups and fill the cherry Slurpees in. Get yourself a Slurpee and raise the cup in honor to the goofy scientist, Comrade Alexei.

16 oz Insulated Party Cup with Spillproof Lid

Max Sunglasses

Every girl out there deserves a best friend like Maxine Mayfield! Coz without Max, Mike’s beloved El will never have a girl friend of her own! For every weak, scared Eleven in your office, there will be a Max teaching how to ditch boys! And if your office keeps such relations, this product is for mandatory. Remember those sunglasses Max flaunt with, while in the Star court mall? Yes, the same shades with red frames. Celebrate friendship by picking every El and Max you find in your office; accessorize with these super cool classic sunglasses and dance to Madonna’s “Material Girl!”

Solid Classic Sunglasses

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