Promotional umbrellas will get you covered against competition and weather elements alike

Save your marketing dime for the rainy days with these cost effective custom logo umbrellas. Not just for the rains but for the sweltering summer, a game of golf or a beach holiday- umbrellas come handy everywhere. Choose from a range of custom umbrellas that range from mini to beach umbrellas to folding umbrellas, golf umbrellas and wedding parasols to get your message out in the most popular way. Be it at home, office, in the car or on foot, people need umbrellas to keep themselves safe from the weather elements. Umbrellas can be used anywhere!

43 inch Custom Manual Open Mini Fold Umbrellas

Umbrellas stand out easily in a crowd and your message and logo will gain the attention of everyone around. Who can after all ignore a bright colored beach umbrella or a golf umbrella that make a screaming billboard for your logo? Hand out these corporate gifts during tradeshows or store openings and see how your event turns out to be a success.

48 inch Arc Customized Standard Umbrellas

An ideal promotional gift should come handy in the daily lives of recipients and not many gifts can match custom umbrellas in this area. Available in a palette of brilliant colors, umbrellas arrest the attention of even causal lookers. Guess the big plus of promotional umbrellas? It is indeed the wide canopy imprint area! Go all out to put your message, artwork or snapshots on these umbrellas to buy quick attention from your buyers.

Everyone needs umbrellas alright. But by keeping a few tips in mind, you can make sure that your clients will surely use the umbrellas they are being handed out for a very long time.

  • Choose the right model: Pick up an umbrella that suits the tastes of the target users. For instance, a heavy tye- dye umbrella might not be appreciated by an elderly person as much as a college student.
  • The venue: The place of distribution too is as important as the product. For instance, if you are a spa or a fitness company trying to promote your business, a launch party or a tradeshow will be the best possible option. Likewise a bank or insurance company may choose to hand out golf umbrellas to their clients as golf is often a game enjoyed by the well heeled businessmen and executives.
  • Marketing strategy: Make sure that promotional umbrellas fit into the marketing strategy of the company. There is no point in handing out custom umbrellas simply because your competitor did or you thought it will work for you!

Promotional umbrellas are budget friendly too, which means it makes a perfect option for tradeshows and other mass events. Make an announcement, promote your deals or attract new customers with custom umbrellas. Browse our collection and choose logo umbrellas to get your message well covered!