Promotional Products That Will Have Your Clients Dream About Your Logo

How cool it will be to remind your clients about your brand not just when they are awake and active but even when they are asleep?  Whether you believe it or not, there are a lot of branding opportunities that go unnoticed. Here are some custom gifts that will engage your audience not just during their waking hours but even when they relax and call it a day.


Check out these sleep-friendly custom products.

Scented candles

Scented candles are a perfect choice for your customers to unwind and ensure a superior quality sleep after a stressful day. Choose from a range of flavors and packages that will enhance the quixotic appeal of these logo items. Let your recipients enjoy a deep sleep while your brand leaves impressions in their minds and dreams. It is a great way to say that you care for the mental peace and wellness of your recipients; you can’t possibly go wrong with these custom gifts.

 Libbey Bowl Aromatherapy Candles

Sleep Mask

 Help your audience to sleep tight and shut out light and unwanted disturbances with these custom sleep masks while your brand becomes their medical pill to slumber! Once they put these masks on, the last thing they might see before they sleep will be your logo; and perhaps your message may even linger on in their dreams. When they are awake from a well rested sleep they will surely appreciate the wonderful relationship with your brand.

Black Sleeping Masks

Budget friendly and highly useful, these logo items are available in various models including hot and cold gel eye masks that will keep the eyes soothing and cool as they sleep.

Aqua Pearls Hot and Cold Pack Sleep Masks

Neck Pillow

Most people often try to catch forty winks during commuting, on flights or road trips. Ensure a comfortable sleep by handing out these neck pillows that will keep your brand and message right in their plain view.  While the rest of the flight hang their heads back and forth while they try to sleep, your recipients will have your brand by their side as they enjoy a comfortable sleep.

Travel Neck Pillow with Pouch

 Stuffed Animal

Stuffed animals make the best sleeping companion for most people even today- not just for kids but adults too. It will make them feel relaxed and reassured after a day at work and will help them fall asleep fairly easily. So, if you are looking for a perfect branding spot for your audience, look no further than these plush animals that will sneak in your logo right into their sleeping hours and even in their dreams.

Plush Big Paw Bear with Shirts

Did you like these custom products that come handy during sleep and rest hours of your audience? These will inspire your audience to take a long and well relaxed nap as they dream and think of your brand even subconsciously. Shop right away!