Promotional Products Can Bridge the Gap with the Rest of the Team for Remote Employees

With the concept of global offices getting more popular, employees working from remote locations online have gone up manifold. Reports show that in the year 2016, 63 million Americans chose to telecommute for an average of 2 days each month. Businesses can ensure the ease of working from their own homes for their employees without compromising on the quality with these handy promotional items. Here are some fabulous gift ideas to manage and engage remote employees as the rest of the team.

employee gifts

Let your team be Never out of sight!

Corporate meetings have become elaborate and technology oriented that require video and screen-sharing technology. Video conferences will keep remote employees better connected with the office and the rest of the team. Put them in loop every time you plan some meetings or team building activities to enhance the team spirit and involvement of the team who may not be physically present in the office. Video conferencing is a simple way to keep the remote team in touch with the office and to build relationships with them. Personalized gift items like custom Mini Cube Shaped Bluetooth Speakers not just look great but will ensure the best sound quality during video conferencing and to build relationships with remote workers.

Customized Mini Cube Shaped Bluetooth Speakers

Keep in touch with your remote team

52% of remote workers contact with their office supervisor on a daily basis through emails, phone calls or chatrooms. Video chat is something that is the closest you can get in personal interaction. Make sure to hand out these trendy custom earbuds that will ensure a perfect sound quality during audio conferencing.

46 Inch Promotional Logo Earbuds in Case

Make them feel well appreciated

58% of employees opine that recognition enhances engagement. So, make sure to keep your remote team well appreciated even though they may not be physically present in the office. Handout appreciation gifts like plaques or awards for a job well done. A word of appreciation can go a long way in driving up their engagement. Some of the other personalized gifts that can be considered include pens, portfolios, notebooks, stressballs and a lot more. No matter how you choose to go about it, make sure to recognize the remote workers as much as the onsite team to make them feel very much part of the team without the feeling of being left out. An all-team video meeting or thank you event can all do a magical change in the attitude and motivation of remote employees.

Personalized Jade Square Crescent - Small Award

Managing a remote team requires engagement

The best way to keep the remote team well engaged is daily communication, recognition and making them feel part of the larger team. A simple gift, a pat at the back or a well deserved holiday will all make them break the pressure of having to work away from the fun and camaraderie of an office set up.

If you have more ideas to keep the remote team well motivated, do let us know in the comments section to trigger more creative ideas from other quarters as well. Share and join the fun of conversation!

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