How Promotional Gifts Can Keep Your Millennial Employees Happy

Millennial employees are self driven, energetic and always willing to go that extra mile in discharging their duties. But on the flip side, these young and energetic employees can switch jobs easily if they think that their present jobs do not bring them the appreciation and laurels that they deserve. Millennial employees make the bedrock of any organization as they are hardworking, ambitious and always buzzing with fresh ideas you need in your organization.44 Inch Custom Printed Auto-Open Wedding Party Umbrellas

A Forbes study found as much as 91% of millennials shift to a new job within three years’ time. This shows how retaining these well trained young employees at the prime of their productivity will be the top priority for any employers.

A few tips to keep your young employees well appreciated Promotional gifts
Most people wish to leave an impression in their chosen field and the best way to keep them well appreciated is by offering them perks to be loyal to your company. Apart from bonuses or health benefits, you can think of something unique like logo imprinted gifts. Choose something that they will find useful in their daily lives like custom notebooks, pens or apparels, which will also ensure regular brand exposure for your business.

Studies have shown that most employees cite lack of appreciation as the first cause that makes them change jobs. So, if you thought an attractive pay pack is the sole reason that makes people stick, this piece of information will come as a surprise to you.

Make them part of social cause
Make your employees part of community events or awareness campaigns and provide ample opportunities for them to get involved with philanthropic activities and social causes, which will make them happy and feel part of a bigger objective. Employees will surely feel loyal to organizations that ensure the development of their personality and virtues and not just their work.

Flexible schedules
Rigid schedules can make millennials frustrated and unhappy as they will be happy to accomplish their goals and still find enough quality time for their personal needs. So why not hand out laptops or ipads and encourage remote work. Your youthful workforce will surely appreciate the freedom that this flexible working schedule offers them. The working hours and patterns of different employees will be different and by offering the convenience of flexible working hours you can ensure the maximum output.

Reward their innovative thinking
Convey the message that you value the role of these younger workers by encouraging out of the box thinking. Reports show that they work best in organizations where their ideas are appreciated and accommodated. This will make them interested in taking up a bigger project. Custom awards and plaques will make them feel really confident and happy and every time they see these mementos of appreciation, they will strive to enhance their performance.

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