Promotional Pens- The Best Way To Script A Successful Campaign

Summer is all about colors and brilliance.  Businesses can enhance the vibes of their promotional campaign with these brightly colored pens. Colors may not be revolutionary in fashion, but in promotional gifts colors make the winning card in drawing the attention of your customers.


Gone are the days when pens were in muted and classic colors like black or blue. Today, pens stand out for their brilliant hues and designs that add a pop of color to the work desks.  Pens are versatile items that can be used to get across your message to a wider audience irrespective of age or gender differences.

Here are some of the popular models in custom pens that you will find interesting

 Stylus pens

Fashionable and functional, these new gen stylus pens can perform well on digital screen and paper alike. So, it makes a great choice to impress both the old school audience and the digital savvy groups at once. Offered in various colors and price points, the stylus of these pens can be used for swiping ATM screens or press escalator buttons to avoid filthy touch points and the pandemic risks as well.

Metallic Universal Stylus Pens will easily draw your customers and prospects in and encourage them to come back for more!

Customized Metallic Universal Stylus Pen

Printed Stellar Twist Action Stylus Pens Offered in various accent colors will make a great addition to the work desks of your recipients.

Printed Stellar Twist Action Stylus Pens

Wheat Writer Stylus Pens made of reclaimed wheat straws and Polypropylene, these writing instruments make great handouts for green themed events, nature clubs, business events and more. Offered in a range of vibrant colors, these stylus pens will make a great place for your brand and message.

Wheat Writer Stylus Pens

Plastic Pens: The budget friendly choice

A low budget need not mean that you have to settle for a plain and boring pen. Check out these colorful plastic pens that will turn heads and make your message popular and well noticed.

Jolie Stylus Plastic Pens The colorful barrel complemented with matching clip and grip colors will enhance its visual appeal easily.   Bring in the summer horizon colors right into the workdesks of your employees and clients with these logo items.

Jolie Stylus Plastic Pens

BIC® Verse Stylus Plastic Pens  Capacitive screen stylus, plunger action mechanism and comfortable textured rubber grip will make these stylus pens a top choice. Make these bold and beautiful pens your promotional tools this season.

 BIC® Verse Stylus Plastic Pens

Stylus pens ensure the dual convenience of a stylus and a pen for your recipients and the best part is that your message will get a wide angle display all the time.  Well retained and value added, stylus pens are here to stay for sure!