Why Adjustable Masks Are The Best in Post Pandemic Promotional items

The demand for facemasks and other personal protection items is on the surge as the pandemic continues. With the relaxation in lockdown restrictions, people are gathering in public places more than what it was a few weeks before. Facemasks will be crucial in the new normal world as it will cut down the risk of droplet contamination when people are in public place.

Adjustable facemasks are top trending these days thanks to its comfort and ease of use. Masks have been made mandatory while commuting, shopping, and working. Wearing masks for the whole day can be uncomfortable and bothersome for most people if they don’t fit nicely around the ears. This is what makes Protective Stretchable Polyester Face Masks the chart busters.

Printed Protective Stretchable Polyester Face Masks

Here are some advantages that these masks ensure

Adjustable Fit for utmost Comfort

Made in USA, these non medical polyester masks with foam lining are soft and easy on your skin. The adjustable ear loop with three different slots can be adjusted to ensure a perfect fit that doesn’t tug on your ears all day while the stretchable design will ensure a great fit. Designed to ensure better protection and more comfortable mask-wearing experience, these masks will change your opinions that you may have about facemasks!

Features to die for!

These polyester facemasks are available in different color choices to match your brand color or event theme. Another perk—these masks are reusable, hand washable and low on maintenance. Enjoy super comfortable feel every time you wear it – no matter even if you have to wear for an extended time.

Premium real estate for your message

Get your logo and message imprinted on the 2″ x 2″ imprint space on cheek area to remain in plain view of your audience. These comfortable masks make perfect giveaways for offices, warehouses, factories, grocery stores, restaurants and more.

Make your message Relevant

Facemasks customized with your logo and business is a great way to stay relevant and keep audience engaged.   Reports show that practical promotional items get a red carpet welcome among the audience than novelty products. By putting your brand on these masks that your audience can use for a long time, you can engage your audience with your brand in a subtle and light hearted way without the annoying marketing pitch that comes with most publicity items.

Style meets substance

The best part of these adjustable facemasks is that these are not just functional but fashionable as well. Offered in a palette of lively colors, these masks will make a trendy accessory that matches the fashion apparels of your employees and prospect

In the new normal world, where everyone is required to wear masks to ensure their personal safety, these adjustable facemasks will make a great addition to your marketing mix. For more tips or information about this product, all you need to do is get in touch with your product team. Happy shopping!