Promotional Gifts For December Observances And Events

Christmas could well be the middle name of celebrations in December, but the month also has many other lesser known events and observances that will spice up the celebrations.Custom Printed Hard Hat Stress Reliever Keychains

Some of the lesser known events that fall in December include the following:

December 26th is Candy cane Day: The day is dedicated to the popular candy canes. So, if you have been looking for an alibi to bite into these crunchy candies, this is the best time you could ask for! Candy canes are considered part of Christmas itself though not much is known about the history of these candies. It is thought to have originated in the 17th century when a choirmaster in Cologne, Germany, ordered peppermint-flavored candy sticks to keep the children quiet during the exceptionally long Christmas Eve Mass. Shaped like a stick and colored in red and white stripes, these delightful candies go well with the Red and white Santa color theme of Christmas.

How to Celebrate Candy Cane Day: Hand out custom candy canes among friends and family. If you are a marketer, then these logo candies will make perfect options to popularize your brand and message. These make excellent ideas to promote confectionaries, bakers, schools, kids’ stores and much more.Promotional Candy Cane Cards

Tick Tock day: 29th December is Tick tock day where people take a quick glance of their yearly planner to tick off their achievements and to carry forward the unfinished tasks to their New Year resolutions of 2016. Tick Tock Day will encourage everyone to cram in some last-minute work to achieve their goals before the year ends. Some of the promotional gifts that you can consider for this day include custom watches that will make them aware of the passing time and the ticking moments.

Letter writing day: With the advent of emails and chats, most people have stopped writing letters. Nothing can match the charm and personal touch of a handwritten note. So, encourage your customers, employees and friends to take out the paper and pen and to put a few words to get in touch with someone instead of chatting or talking over phone. Celebrate letter writing day with our custom pens and pencil sets or letter slitters and bring back the warmth and beauty of letters and snail mail!

Miner’s day: December 6th is Miner’s Day, which makes a great time for marketers to honor miners and their contributions towards the development of the nation. Some of the custom gifts for this occasion will include custom hard hat stress relievers from ProImprint. Imprint your logo, inspirational quotes or artwork on these and see how these will spread your social message along with your logo among your recipients. Custom hardhat Led flashlight keychain will make another wonderful gift option to celebrate the day, which highlights the hard and dangerous work miners undertake.

So, what are you waiting for? Celebrate these unique observances in December with the logo promotional gifts from ProImprint and impress your clients.

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