December Is The Month Of Some Quirky Observances- Have You Bought Your Promotional Gifts

Promotional gifts always enjoy a red carpet welcome among the recipients as advertisers do not need a specific reason to hand out a few goodies to celebrate their association with them. However, logo gifts will be remembered more if you hand these out during events or celebrations. Leave a mark in their minds by handing out your custom gifts during some lesser known observances and events in December.

Personalized Cafe Coffee Packs

  • December 13 is National Cocoa Day: Nothing can be more gratifying than a hot cup of cocoa on a frigid December morning. So hand out these logo imprinted mugs or custom cocoa gift packets for your clientele to raise a toast to this special day. You can also hand out these logo gifts to your employees as tokens of appreciation for all their good work. Be it as mailer gifts, tote inserts or tradeshow handouts, these gifts will make perfect gifts to promote hotels, restaurants, coffee joints and many others. If you have been looking for a gift that will strike a rapport with your customers instantly, then custom cocoa will make a perfect option.
  • College Bowl season starts on December 19th. How about buying a team spirit promotional product like bracelets, noise makers, foam fingers or logo facepaint and tattoos to support your favorite school or team?

personalized translucent maracas

  • December 21 is the Winter Solstice, Look at the Bright Side Day, and National Flashlight Day. So make sure you have the promotional gifts for the high pitch celebration mood in the air. Look at the Bright Side Day may be traditionally a greeting card holiday. But being the first day of Winter, it makes a good opportunity for you to distribute logo outerwear or custom beanies for your patrons and employees to celebrate the formal onset of winter. Your logo imprinted on these will gain instant attention of everyone not just during winter but all year round.
  • Dec 21 is also National Flashlight Day: Winter events and promotions need not always boil down to outerwear and hats and caps. Celebrate the National Flashlight Day with some logo imprinted Flashlights in your corporate gift bag this year. These make excellent tradeshow gifts as well and every time your recipients are out on a dark winter night, these logo lights will come to their aid and your brand will enjoy their goodwill.
  • December 28 is National Card Playing Day! That should be exciting. Why not hand out a pack of custom playing cards to get your logo on to their tables and satiate their mood for a game of rummy or go-fish with their friends or family. Meanwhile it also makes a great day to host a casino night or an employee poker party. ProImprint has a fabulous swath of logo playing cards, which could make your promotional campaign all fun.

December is indeed choke a block with events and observances. Some quirky, others funny while others religious. No matter how you wish to celebrate these events, we have custom gifts for every occasion. Personalize it and impress your customers to make their festive season really special.

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