Promotional Gift Items for Movie Theaters and Cinemas

Nothing says weekend fun better than watching a good movie in a theater with one’s family or friends. Promote a film, a theater or celebrate the success of a mega hit movie with these gifts that will tempt more audience into your movie halls as well. Hand out these logo imprinted gifts during the opening of a new or refurbished theater to create a buzz and to get people visit the theater. If you are planning a public awareness campaign to increase the popularity of cinema, theater owners can consider these value added gifts, which will encourage the public to come and visit their theater.Promotional Popcorn Gourmet Gift Box with Caramel PopcornIs your movie theater located in a crowded shopping mall? Choose these promotional gifts to arrest the attention of the movie goers, to make your movie hall stand out in the shopping traffic and to attract people to their theater. Make sure that your movie theater continues to attract a few eyeballs consistently especially when people may tend to stop noticing the older theatres as new movie halls pop up in the vicinity. Ensure an image makeover by adding a new logo or artwork and by handing out logo imprinted gift that will ensure your business an amazing face lift and popularity.
custom printed 16 oz stadium cups

Is a block buster movie set to be released in your theater? A lot of money and effort will go into the marketing and promotion of the movie and by handing out promotional gifts in the theme or the character of the movie, you can stir up interest among the viewers and will woo them to the theaters. Many times, these gifts will enjoy a long retention as collector’s items and some may even enjoy an appreciation in their value over a period of time.

For kid’s movies, fun toys that are themed on the characters of the movie will make excellent hand outs. Custom popcorn , stadium cups, Logo imprinted T shirts, hats and caps will all be excellent promotional gift to promote movies. Imprint the character, slogan or title of the movie to give the movie and the theater the much needed brand exposure. You can even use these as fund raising items to promote the movie and in some cases the profits from the sales of children’s toys have even eclipsed the revenue from ticket sales!

Promotional campaigns that involve logo gifts will be a wonderful and budget friendly way to promote theaters and its movie releases. We at ProImprint have a range of fun and quirky promotional gift ideas that will go down well with all types of promotional themes. Shop right away and gear yourselves up for the upcoming holiday season and movie time!

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