Promotional Desk Items- Handouts that Never Go Out of Trend!

Open plan work spaces, paper less offices or remote work stations- there has been a lot of interesting changes happening in organizations all over the world. However, even in this changing scenario, the importance of custom desk accessories  has remained unchanged.  As working Monday to Friday in office or away at home is a reality for most people, promoting your brand on desk items is the best way to get recognized all day long.


Pens and pads

Pens are one of the most popular in office stationary and are the most effective way to print your brand across wide range of custom pens on offer. A smartly customized pen and a notebook is a combo gift that will invariably grab easy attention of anyone who happens to see it.

Who knows, it may even start an interesting conversation between them while your brand gets a great display. You can’t go wrong with these proven gifts for sure. Explore our extensive range of pens and notepads to find the most appropriate handouts.

Spiral Notebooks with Shorty Pen

Make use of the high visibility imprint space to make sure your brand is clearly noticed. The classic work desk items  of pens, notepads or sticky notes have no replacement at all. Even the electronic notes on your phones cannot match the simple charm of the classic stack of  sticky notes that stick  out from the computer screens of every office.

Triangle Shape Sticky Note Pads

USB sticks

One of the most useful and also one of the most misplaced items in any office, these pint sized data storage devices make great handouts for sure. Make  the lives of your clients and employees easier with custom USB flashdrives and create a positive association among the users with your brand printed on it.

Afterall, these logo items remain in their plain view and on hand always and keep them well prepared at work and power point presentations. No employee can help thanking these modest gadgets that have made their office chores easy and manageable.

16 GB Bamboo Bullet Keyring USB 2.0 Flash Drives

Wireless charging pads

Wireless charging pads that double up as mousepads are a great way to jazz up even the most boring desk area. Choose from a wide range of models and price rates that can be imprinted with your company’s name that brings in a speck of color into the plain office settings while keeping the gadgets up and ticking. Choose a model  that suits your brand the best.

Woodgrain Wireless Charging Mouse Pad with Phone Stands

Magnetic clips

Let your employees keep their work desks tidy by keeping  their notes and paper well  organized with these magnetic clips that will stick onto any metallic surface. It is a nice way to keep reminders, motivations quotes. family snapshots or even their game day memories in front of them to make their day at work more interesting.

Round Shape Magnetic Memo Clip Holders

Do take a look at our complete collection of  desk accessories to show that you care while making your brand well seen!