How Promotional Handouts Ensure Repeat Business

Repeat business and customer retention quickly becomes the panacea for most marketing woes for businesses. Guess why? Repeat impressions can make your bottom line grow without spending more on marketing and advertising costs. Custom promotional gifts are a proven way to make customers loyal by inspiring to do repeat business with them.

It could be hard to predict the customer preferences the first time, in the retail industry where impulse buys are normal. However by encouraging repeat business, you can turn first time buyers to your loyal brand supporters.


Why repeat business

Firstly, repeat conversions will increase your business growth  and cash flow without any recurring investments and promotional expenses. Secondly, it is comparatively easier to sell your new products to repeat customers as they have developed trust in your brand already.

In a highly competitive business world where brands vie for the biggest customer pie,  buyers are more likely to choose a business they are familiar with instead of new one.

Word of Mouth Publicity

One of the oldest promotional strategies, word of mouth publicity is a sort of their personal endorsement of your products or services by your happy customers. It will go a long way in enhancing the trust factor of your brand as your loyal customers promote your brand for free!

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Customer acquisition is costly

Customer retention is far cheaper than customer acquisition because you don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort to introduce your products and inspire them to try it out as they are already familiar with the products and are happy with the results.

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How to use promotional gifts to boost repeat business

As Loyalty Gifts

Loyalty points and gifts will drive repeat business and make your existing customers feel well appreciated. You can think of rewards like free products, store credit or discount coupons among others. It will encourage the customers to buy more and earn rewards. While your customers get more for their money, you make repeat business-. Win-win!

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Referral Gifts

Referral gifts will not just help you acquire new customers but will increase the loyalty of existing customers as well.  Give exclusive discounts and gifts to referral clients. This gesture will evoke a feeling of reciprocity in their minds and they will be only happy to bring in more referrals for your business

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Add a Personal touch

Ensuring a personal touch in your business deals will make a triggering factor of repeat business. A hand written thank you note, a gift coupon or a surprise gift with purchase are some of the many ways you can adopt to make your customers feel part of your organization.

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