ProImprint’s 20 Top Selling Promotional Products for February 2020

February will tug the heart of everyone literally with its envious share of special events topped off with fun, romance and frolic. Whether it is the romantic Valentine’s Day, the carnival fun of Mardi Gras and its lavish spread of gourmets delights, the base ball season or the superbowl fun, February has everything to keep you on your toes literally.

February 2020

 For marketers it makes a great time to plan for their promotions for the busy retail season ahead. Let’s take a sneak peek at the best sellers of February, which will give you some solid clues on the most trending gifts.

#1 Duo Copper Vacuum Bottles and Tumblers: Stylish and innovative, these insulated bottles are a perfect choice for those winter outdoor fun! Put your brand on and get noticed.

Duo Copper Vacuum Bottles and Tumblers

#2 Yoga Mat and Carrying Bags: Yoga is trending among Americans and these imprinted yoga mats with a handy carrying bag will make a great promotional investment.


#3  20 Oz Himalayan Tumblers:  Great for a day out on the beach or shopping mall, these reusable tumblers will make  your day! Choose from your favorite colors!

20 Oz Himalayan Tumblers

#4  Satin Ball Point Pens: Stylish and smooth as satin, these pens will make the doodling and writing sessions truly enjoyable. Order these crowd pullers in surplus for your tradeshows!

Satin Ball Point Pens

#5 Small Sports Pack Polyester Drawstring Bags: We have lost the count of times that these cute sports packs have been our best sellers. Make it your marketing tools and get all eyes on your brand!
Small Sports Pack Polyester Drawstring Bags
#6 Super Weekender Duffel Bags:  A perfect bag for road trips, golf green, beach or beyond! Brilliant color choices and features to die for make these duffels a crowd favorite!

Super Weekender Duffel Bags

#7 Premium Computer Mouse Pads: Trendy and elegant, these white mousepads make a welcome addition to every work desks!

Premium Computer Mouse Pads

#8 Game Day 18 Can Sport Cooler Bags The best way for a bunch of sports buddies to stay hydrated during game days and picnics. Your brand on these stylish cooler bags will be the talk of the town.

Game Day 18 Can Sport Cooler Bags

 #9 Hexagon Seat Koolers: Keep not just your beverages cold but cool off your bottom as well during tailgate parties and game days with these stylish seat coolers!

Hexagon Seat Koolers

#10 Champion’s Jump Rope: Jump start your business promotions with jump ropes and ensure a fun filled work out option for your prospects.

Champion's Jump Rope

#11  Ultra Thin Webcam Covers: Great swag to ensure your recipients the fun of private web surfing without being pried by spies!

Ultra Thin Webcam Covers

#12 Non-Woven Shopper’s Pocket Totes Bags: Turn heads with these spacious and stylish totes with pockets! A great addition to everyone’s shopping bag collection.

Non-Woven Shopper's Pocket Totes Bags#13 Printed Dart Pens: Sharp and to the point, these dart pens will help you attain the promotional targets with ease! Put your brand on these popular handouts.

Printed Dart Pens#14 Lightweight Kiwi Beach Towels Getting wet is fun when you have these soft and light weight towels that will enhance the beach day experience. Choose from a range of fashion colors.

Lightweight Kiwi Beach Towels

#15 Slim Rectangular LED Flashlights: These trendy keychains are a fun way to organize the keys and light up the way. Your brand on it will easily grab the spotlight!

Slim Rectangular LED Flashlights

#16 Construction Hat Stress Relievers: Put your creative caps to beat stress and bounce back to your sprightly self with these hard hat stress relievers; great for construction industry

Construction Hat Stress Relievers

#17 Rivers Non-Woven Drawstring Sportspack: A great bag for a day out in the woods, picnics, game days or as event giveaways. Make it your promotional handout and enjoy the raves that follow!

Rivers Non-Woven Drawstring Sportspack

#18 Voyage Luggage Tags: Put your brand on the move and get easy attention with these stylish PVC luggage tags. Choose from a range of popular colors.

Voyage Luggage Tags

#19 Silicone Straw In Travel Case: Eco friendly and stylish, silicon straws is the preferred choice of the socially committed and the elite league of go green enthusiasts!

Silicone Straw In Travel Case

#20 16 Oz Laguna Travel Mugs: Hot or cold, your favorite beverage will taste the best till the last sip in these stylish mugs. Great for road trips and picnics

16 Oz Laguna Travel Mugs

Odd man out: 5″ Water Gun was a bit of a surprise entry into the list of top selling items during winter. Let’s be frank about it. Everyone likes squiring water at the unsuspecting victims any time and weather may not have much say to dampen this fun!

Printed 5

As we wrap up yet another list of best selling items for the month, it is time for you to share your interesting winter snap shots and party moments with us on our facebook page to keep the winter fun alive!