ProImprint’s 10 Top Selling Promotional Products For The Month of March 2017

We are already into second week of March and it is yet again time for us to take stock of the top selling promotional gifts for the month. The best way to sum up the month of March in a nutshell would be the arrival of spring, the green glow of St.Patrick’s Day and loads of outdoor fun and more! Let us see whether the top selling products of the month have anything to do with this theme.


#1 Squeezy Sports Bottles

The impressive sales figures of these 24 Oz Personalized Easy Squeezy Sports Bottles show that most people are already hitting outdoors in pursuit of fun and leisure activities. Available in three different lid colors, these easy to use water bottles will let everyone carry their favorite beverage and sip it without spilling!

24 Oz Personalized Easy Squeezy Sports Bottles

# 2 Plastic tumblers

On the road, at work or at home, these sleek and handy, 16 Oz Aurora Tumblers will ensure the luxury of carrying one’s favorite beverage wherever they are. Easy to carry and drink, these tumblers are one of our best sellers.

#3 Water Bottles

Sun is out and staying hydrated is the simplest health equation to keep in mind for all the outdoorsy people. Promotional Logo 20 Oz Water Bottles will make a great promotional item for the months ahead to cater to the active and healthy life style of people everyone on the move. Offered in 5 different lid colors and matching straw. We have a perfect shade of green for St. Patrick’s Day events as well.

#4 Flashlight

There is nothing bad as getting stuck in the dark without a flashlight. Check out these Slim Rectangular Flashlights that are available in 7 vibrant color choices which will double up as keychains and a handy source of light. The best part – your recipients will have a handy light with their keysets every time they leave home.

Customized Slim Rectangular Flashlight w/ 7 Colors

#5 Pens

Think color, think Twist Action Stylus Plastic Pens. Available in 13 different colors, these pens write right both on smart phone screens and on paper! Pen is mightier than sword- whoever said that should have been brainy for sure!

Custom Twist Action Stylus Plastic Pen with 13 Colors

#6 Beach Balls

Pleasant weather and inviting sandy shores and beach holidays – No matter what is the favorite holiday equation for your recipients, these beach balls will sum up a perfect outdoor party for sure. Check out these 16 Inch Customized Beach Balls that will take your brand wherever your recipients go! Loads of fun and color, beach balls make a perfect gift item for the spring season.

16 Inch Customized Beach Balls

#7 Water Gun

Squirt and splash water jets, fire water volleys and add up to the outdoor fun of everyone with these Custom Printed 5″ Water Gun. Bring out the kid in everyone with these silly toys that translates to sheer fun and laughter!

Custom Printed 5

#8 Coasters

It is party time and the time to spread out the choicest table ware and coasters. Check out these unique hexagon shaped coaster set that will keep the tables free from smudges and water stains. The best part- these black coasters will complement all colors of table linen and will surely turn heads!

Promotional Hexagon Shaped Coaster Set

#9 Back scratchers

Spring is the time when anyone can get stuck with pollen allergies and itching. Can there be a better gift than these Canotek Telescopic Back Scratchers that can reach even the most hard to reach spots. Foldable and handy, these simple and silly items can save you from a bad day!

Promotional Canotek Telescopic Back Scratchers

#10 Flyers

Nothing says beach holidays and picnics than these Zing Ring Flyers that make a fantastic outdoor toy not just for humans but also for pets. These flying discs are produced from dog-friendly polymer and are great for a game of fetch with Fido when your recipients are not busy with a game with their friends!

Personalized Zing Ring Flyers

With that we come to the end of the list of the 10 top sellers for the month of March. See you soon with another set of promotional items that made it to the top list in the month of April, which would possibly see a surge in outdoor products like lipbalm, picnic mats and water bottles as the outdoor holidays will hit the peak! Keep guessing or share your predictions with us at the comments section!

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