Custom Folding Chairs- The Perfect Promotional Item To Reach Out To The Outdoorsy Clients

While the proud owners of these popular folding chairs sit back and relax , the attention of the world outside will be on the brand and message imprinted on these for sure! Folding chairs are born crowd pleasers that will never fail to impress your audience. Budget friendly and highly functional, these logo items will make all your promotional events a great hit. Perfect for all outdoor activities, these custom folding chairs will let your recipients carry our brand wherever they go- be it the beach , park or the big game.

Folding chairs are functional as these will make up instant and convenient seating arrangements where permanent seating is not possible or practical. Folding chairs are very popular during tail gating parties, sports events, religious services and college graduations among others.


Folding chairs date back to the ancient times to Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. The remains of folding chairs dating back to the Nordic Bronze Age such as the Daensen folding chair have been found. In ancient times highly ornate folding chairs mostly made of wood and decorated with gold and ivory were in use during special religious events and celebrations. In the United States, the patent for folding chair is in the name of John Cham in 1855. However, the first modern aluminum folding chair was created in 1947 by Fredric Arnold.

What makes folding chairs popular as promotional items

Folding chairs are light weight, portable and highly functional. The generous imprint area and the solid color tones of these chairs will make a perfect canvas for the marketers to place their brand and message. Versatile and always in use, custom folding chairs will make a perfect gift choice for everyone. Perfect as corporate gifts, loyalty gifts and holiday season gifts, folding chairs enjoy a long retention and make consistent brand impression at easy rates.

Now that you have decided to include custom folding chairs in your marketing mix, it will be interesting to explore some of the popular models that can be considered for your forthcoming spring promotions.

Insulated Cooler Folding Chairs: Not just a chair but a handy insulated cooler for the hot outdoors and open air events- your recipients will surely love to talk about these functional chairs for a very long time after you have handed out these to them.

Custom Printed Insulated Cooler Folding Chairs

Outdoor folding chairs: Looking for something simple and handy for all those crowded tail gating parties, golf leagues or beach fun? Place your bet on these delightful options. Available in a range of styles and colors, you can easily choose a model that matches your needs and event theme.

Mesh Folding Chair With Carrying Bags: Moisture resistant and great for pool parties or fishing trips, these mesh folding chairs will meet the challenges of the rough and tumble of outdoor holidays and leisure activities easily.

Custom Mesh Folding Chair With Carrying Bags

Dying to know more about custom folding chairs? Browse our collection and pick up a model that matches your needs.