Printed Aprons- The Perfect Way to Show off your Brand

Aprons are useful in various settings like home and in jobs like bar tenders, artists, bakers,  gardeners, spa employees and more.  That means you have  quite a sizable market for custom aprons and a perfect opportunity to do a bit of brand advertising.

If you haven’t considered about the benefits of custom aprons as marketing tools, this post may be of use to you.

As Custom Uniforms

Aprons make incredible team uniform in specific business niches like food and hospitality. Apart from showing your vibrant brand image to your customers, a well customized apron will make your team stand out in style during business events. Employees wearing aprons in your corporate colors will leave a lasting impression  among your audience and help them to remember your brand while you boost the  identity of your brand.

As custom giveaways

Aprons are something everyone needs while cooking, gardening, washing and more. Thus, the high utility of aprons makes it a popular promotional swag for marketers to get their message across. Anything imprinted on it will get easy attention of everyone around thanks to the massive imprint space that aprons enjoy. Long lasting and well retained, aprons will keep your brand in the plain sight of your audience for a long time

Benefits of Printed Aprons

Firstly aprons protect the users from messy spills while handling different substances. Next, employees who wear identical outfits will feel team pride and develop closer working relationships with one another. Custom aprons will let any client know about your professional identity while being a subtle method of advertising. The more people associate these aprons with your business, the more will be your brand popularity.

Budget friendly

Aprons are even available in various popular models and material choices in just about every price rate. So, you can match your promotional budget with these logo items easily.


Aprons also offer a lot of versatility for your recipients, as they can wear whatever they please underneath the apron. Plus your workers will find it a value added gift as they can use it both at work and home.

Different Styles

Aprons are available in different styles, which makes it easy for you to choose a model that will fit your specific branding theme and the  needs of the audience. Full length aprons with pockets are popular among chefs and maintenance workers thanks to its high level of coverage.

Waist Aprons

Waist aprons are shorter than full-length ones.  It is a popular choice among waiters and waitresses. It normally features several pockets, which will help the recipients to stay organized.

Bib Aprons

A bib apron ties around the back of the waist and has a loose neck loop, which makes it easy to wear and take off.

Cross-back aprons lack a neck loop. Instead, the apron straps go over the shoulders and match up at the waist.

Customization Tips

The generous imprint space of aprons is the trump card of this promotional giveaway. It will be first thing anyone sees on the apron.

During special events like milestone celebrations or holiday events, marketers can bring out a limited edition of custom aprons with slightly different colors and an event-appropriate design. Choose materials that will meet the needs of the audience and choose an appropriate imprint method that matches the material of the apron. You can even choose embroidery designs rather than print for a vintage look.

 Custom aprons are indeed a versatile tool for brand recognition. So, do you plan to use it for your branding purposes? Share your ideas with us on our facebook page.