Popular Winter Giveaways to Warm Up Your Brand

When the jolly good holidays are over and  the winter days still remain, it can tempting for most people to laze out.

So, it is the best time for marketers to pep up their employees and clients by lifting their spirits with appropriate winter giveaways.

Winter apparels

 Whether you wish to strengthen client relationships or make new leads, these seasonal custom giveaways will make a great choice. Help your clients  weather the season while putting your brand on a grand display with winter swag.  Your recipients will indeed have all the cozy items they need to get out and enjoy the snow!


From sports stadiums to city streets, beanies are popular among students , employees and clients. Choose from a wide range of festive colors and patterns to complement your theme. Customize it with your logo, holiday greetings or winter artwork to make it exceptionally cute and special.

Winter accessories

Stylish and incredibly functional, touch screen gloves make essential winter promotional gifts. It will make it easy for your recipients to use their mobile phones while keeping their hands warm and cozy out in the cold.


Scarves will definitely make  your prospects look stylish even in  dreary winter settings. Besides, add your slogan on these swanky accessories to make heads turn. Well retained and durable, these trendy items are useful even after winter. Whether it is camping, biking or road trips, your recipients will surely find it useful to stay warm and stylish alike. Thus your brand will get consistent exposure for a long time at one time investment.


Of course, these full color dye sublimated tube socks will make a great winter accessory that will add a pop of color to the outfits. Everyone will surely love it!


Make your employees and clients warm and comfortable as temperature drops and winter winds lash, with these stylish and functional jackets and vests. Further more, choose  from a range of models in various price rates.

Custom Ice Scrapers

Printed ice scrapers will certainly make ideal winter giveaways because it can save the day of your recipients. Also, it is something everyone will need. Put your logo on these everyday winter items to ensure excellent brand visibility all through the winter season.  Choose from various models, sizes and price rates.


Keep your clients warm while ensuring a hot brand promotion with custom blankets. Choose from a wide range of models and colors to match your corporate colors or branding theme. These well retained gifts will set off the much needed word of mouth publicity for your brand.

 Insulated tumblers

Help your recipients brave the chill and stay warm at home, office or on the move with insulated metal tumblers. Designed to keep beverages warm for extended hours, insulated tumblers will keep your recipients happy and comfortable even in depressing frosty weather!

Which of these winter swag are you planning to make yours?