Popular Trade Show Giveaways To Attract Attendees

New Year brings along with it a lot of trade show events for businesses to get across their message to their key audience.

So, if you are trying to find ways to make your booth stand out, think of interesting trade show swag that will be the ultimate crowd pullers. It will surely make your booth a beehive of activity and will easily draw in attendees  

 Driving traffic to your booth is critical to make new leads and hit your trade show goals.   Trade show booth engagement ideas are a must, if you want to leave a statement. Make a stunning trade show display that speaks about your brand to your target customers.

Be a hit on the trade show floors with these handy tips and promotional giveaways that will attract visitors and ensure a successful event

Swag bags matter the most

 Give your attendees what they want in the form of these irresistible custom trade show swag bags. It is a proven crowd magnet in every trade show event . The attendees will clearly appreciate items they can use at the office, at home or in car.

Here are some popular trade show gifts across all industries and events:


Highly useful, pens hold the rare distinction of being one of the most popular trade show handouts. Easy to distribute and customize, pens will also remain as a lasting reminder of your brand even after the event. Choose value added models like stylus pens that will  surely drive traffic to your booth and ensure years of branding visibility!

Plush toys

If you are looking for something fun, these adorable plush toys will obviously fit the bills . Customize it with your brand and message to impress both the kids and kids at heart alike. Moreover, you can choose from various shapes and  delightful models like toys with printed T shirts.

Tote Bag

Big or small, inside or out, trade shows require the attendees to carry a lot of paraphernalia.  So, by handing out customized totes you can make it easy for them to carry stuff; while your logo will get a grand display down every aisle. 

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Similarly, for extended conversations , hand out  high value handouts like stainless steel water bottles to the attendees. It will indeed help them stay hydrated and keep your name top of mind long after the event ends . 

Year planners

Help the attendees to stay organized the whole year with these highly functional handouts.  What’s more, these are easy to customize with your logo and  trade show  taglines that will attract visitors

Polyester Lanyard: These full color, high visibility lanyards featuring your full color logo on both sides will  make a handy swag item that everyone will cherish. Ideal to hold ID cards, and other everyday items like keys, lanyards indeed will enjoy a high retention while ensure consistent impressions for your brand.

Looking for more? Browse our exclusive trade show giveaways  and be sure not to miss a beat in the most trending handouts this season.