Corporate Gifts That Last All Year Long

Holiday season might have just inched past. However, as businesses gear up for a fresh year ahead, it is time for them to thank and appreciate their team for their contributions with some thoughtful custom giveaways.

Promotional products are great for all types of marketing initiatives like trade shows, appreciation events, milestone events and more. However, customizing these as corporate gifts is something special. It is a great way to express your gratitude and make your employees feel part of your team.

Choosing the best employee gifts could be challenging, because it is unlikely that all of your employees may have the same hobbies or tastes . However, here are some popular giveaways that everyone will be excited about in 2022.

Fun and entertainment

The upcoming spring season is indeed one of the favorite times of the year for everyone. From outdoor holidays to camping and beach fun, it is indeed a time to relax and enjoy. So include giveaways that will drive up their outdoor fun. From custom wine gifts to beach staples and spa giveaways, there is indeed a lot of gift ideas to choose from. It will enhance their downtime and remind them that they have a great job to be thankful for.

Functional gifts

If you are looking for something downright practical, custom drinkware items will make a great choice.  Vacuum Insulated   models like Himalayan tumblers that can keep beverages hot or cold as desired for long hours will make a fantastic choice. Your employees will find it useful for hot cocoa in the morning and iced coffee later in the day.

Available in a palette of colors and patterns, Himalayan tumbler will be truly a life-saver for your employees during busy workdays. It will keep your employees hydrated and charged up for any kind of day they may come across.

Insulated water bottles

Insulated water bottles too are coveted items around the office. Everyone loves these sleek bottles that take care of their daily fix of water. It  can be used year round in all seasons and for various occasions and are trendy looking as well. The leak proof lid and ergonomic designs of these water bottles make it a crowd pleaser for sure. Choose from a wide range of sizes and models that your employees may find useful. You can even pair it with tumblers or gift on its own . Either way, your employees will be impressed!


Employees will love sporting their corporate apparels, especially on casual Fridays. It will make them feel proud as they wear these branded apparels in corporate colors to work and also while out and about. Wearables like apparels are an excellent corporate gift for your employees. Choose from a wide range of models and types of apparel that can be easily customized with your company’s logo.

Looking for more? Explore our complete line of custom corporate gifts and choose an appropriate giveaways that will leave your team impressed.