Popular Swag Ideas for Your 2022 Events

2022 is all set to see a surge in business events and tradeshows after the pandemic slow down. So, it is a great time for marketers to invest in popular and budget friendly logo items that are well suited for mass events. 

Here are some custom giveaways that you should include on your swag list.

 Water Bottles

One of the most common yet popular event giveaways anyone could receive, water bottles will get a red carpet welcome during every event. Choose from a wide range of models including insulated metal water bottles, BPA free plastic bottles and so much more. The customizable design will also let you add your brand logo, mascot or something more.


 Cost effective and incredibly useful, custom pens are giveaways that your recipients will definitely appreciate. Choose from various models including tech forward stylus pens, the new normal world favorites of antimicrobial pens and ecofriendly wooden pens among others.


You can never go wrong while giving away promotional t-shirts as they will always stay on top of fashion trends.  Your recipients will always remember your brand imprinted on these solid colored T shirts that are ideal to wear all-round the year.


If you are planning an outdoor event or a sports themed promotion, custom caps will especially make a great choice. These unisex accessories  will boost the outdoor dressing style of your recipients while promoting your brand . Easy to distribute during mass events, custom caps will make a great promotional item for sure.


Custom socks is another brilliant customizable event swag that will surely be loved by all ages. These comfortable and trendy socks will keep the participants warm in winter while being a tangible brand reminder for your business.

UV sterilizer 

If you are looking for something that suits the needs of the new normal hygiene standards, look no further than custom UV sterilizer. It is a  perfect choice for  your events’ participants as it ensures a healthy life style for them. Moreover, it will also ensure a healthy branding for your business – Win-Win

Portable Chargers

Mobile phones are a norm in today’s digital world.  When most people are using phones for work, learning or even for shopping, phone accessories will indeed make great handouts . Custom phone chargers are available in various models and price rates, which makes it easy for you to choose a model that you will find interesting. Add your logo and message on these phone chargers to get repeat impressions at one time investment. Phone chargers often get shared among friends and family, which means that your message will reach a wider audience than you thought.

Looking for more? Browse our collection of custom  giveaways to choose a model that will match your  theme.