Mardi Gras Promotional Ideas for Your Business

Mardi Gras that falls on March 1st  2022 is a festive celebration of fun, food and flamboyance. Beyond the history and the culinary delights that go with this event, Mardi Gras is also about promotional items and custom parade throws for marketers.

Make your brand part of the festivities, celebration, masquerade balls and  parties with custom giveaways. Here are some popular gift choices that you will find interesting.


Beads are undeniably the most popular handouts for the revelers to throw from the float. Plastic cups are also great throws at parades. From color changing stadium cups to glasses, you will indeed find a lot of interesting models. Get your logo printed on it before throwing it to the onlookers, who will, in turn, use the cup for years to come!

 Can coolers

 Can coolers are also popular throws. Available in a wide range of brilliant colors and models, these make great throws because they are soft and light weight and won’t hurt anyone in the crowd when thrown.

Now for some party ideas that will let good times roll in!

Host special sales

Though Mardi gras may not necessarily be a shopping holiday, retailers can host special sales that will let the customers to stock up before Lent. Spread the word with direct mailers and social media posts to build up a buzz!

Celebrate the masquerade fun

Offer free gifts and discount coupons to those customers that visit your stores wearing a Mardi gras mask. It will enhance the footfalls and make your brand part of the Mardi Gras fun for the audience. You can even host costume contest for the customers and offer gifts for the winners. Make sure to share the snapshots of the winning entries on the social media to take the fun further ahead.

Raffle party

Get the fun tide soaring by organizing a raffle party and the  lucky winners can be given a ticket to New Orleans for  next year’s Mardi Gras party. Options are indeed limitless. 

Host a mardi gras themed party

Hosting you own themed party is be a big ticket to make sales. Give your consumers a special Mardi Gras party and let them know in advance by sending invitation cards. You can even sell tickets for the public who may interested in the party. It is a great way to make your stores a happening place during this colorful  festive event.  

Remember your customers who are not in partying mood by sending special discounts  that will make them feel appreciated.  Come up with more such interesting promotional ideas that complement the fun theme of Mardi Gras to make your brand the talk of the town.