Popular Ideas for Businesses To Celebrate Earth Day

 Earth Day is not just about adopting ecofriendly initiatives for just a day of the year. Observed on  April 22nd every year,   Earth Day inspires everyone to make  permanent life style changes, to make it sustainable  and earth friendly.

Businesses can indeed inspire their prospects to be part of this day through ecofriendly promotional giveaways and ideas.

Here are some tips that will help you get started.

A web site makeover

Add some Earth Day elements to the branding on your website and social media profiles for the day. It is a great way to show your support to the cause and also highlight your involvement.

Save power

Install sensor lights for break rooms and conference rooms  to save power and avoid wastage. Use environmentally friendly, non-toxic cleaning agents and reusable supplies like cloth towels. After all, it is about getting your message across to the people while having fun celebrating Earth Day!

Announce green awards

In addition, businesses can initiate green awards  for customers and employees that have made big strides in improving  our planet. It will also ensure considerable exposure and publicity for your brand and highlight your ecofriendly initiatives as well. Further, Custom giveaways like custom planters to grow their own herbs either at home or at the office will surely make a delightful gift choice.

Brown bag lunch initiative

Moreover, you can spread awareness on how every individual can play a significant role in protecting our world by introducing an internal recycling program in office. Employees can even be given a gift of participation like a reusable lunch tote to make it easy to stick on with this initiative in future as well!

Gifts with purchase

Further, offering green themed gifts with every purchase will make a great reminder of the event . Think of promotional gifts that have life like seed book marks that are good for the earth.

Plan Earth Day activity for kids

Also, make kids aware of the importance of ecofriendly initiatives with some great activities that they will love. Moreover, it will help them grow as responsible citizens of tomorrow who will take a lead role in making this planet life sustaining. From coloring books to crayons and ecofriendly notepads and pens, there is something special for every budget.  Plus, these items can easily be sent in a direct mail campaign home, for a parent/kid activity as well.

Encourage an outdoorsy life style

Also, remind your employees and clients to beat a retreat from the tech world to the lap of nature to get some fresh air. Whether it is a hike, a beach holiday  or a pool party, an active life style will help everyone to relax and stay fit. Include custom giveaways like beach balls or flyers imprinted with Earth Day message to complete the fun!

Planning an Earth Day campaign?  Browse our collection to choose an appropriate giveaway that will make a lot of difference in the lives of your audience.