Piggy Banks – Promote Your Logo And Saving Habits Among Your Patrons

Custom banks are a fun way to get the kids save the coins for the proverbial rainy day! These toy banks come with a standard coin slot and a rubber stopper and any kid will love to see these cute piggy banks in a range of adorable animal shapes filled to the brim. There can’t be anything more delightful than the clinkering sound of coins for the kids. Imprint your logo and message to make these perfect custom gifts to promote banks, schools, insurance companies and more.

Logo Imprinted 2 Slot Piggy Bank Translucent Red

Promotional toy banks are not just for kids. Everyone loves to save their small changes and spare coins and when they see the coins piling up, their saving mentality will go up manifold. The best thing is that these can be used as pen holders or treasure box too. ProImprint has a selection of custom piggy banks in all possible shapes, sizes and colors. From the classic pig shaped banks to those shaped like homes, boxes and cars, there is something special for everyone in our shelves!

Custom Plastic House Shape Bank

The best thing is that there are even specific themed toy banks that match your business. For instance, if you are promoting a sports league, logo imprinted banks that are shaped like football or volleyball will be perfect options. Piggy banks also make wonderful partyfavors and employee gifts. These promotional gifts date back to hundreds of years will bring back the nostalgic memories of the yore where banks were non-existent and encourage your customers to save every penny the way your ancestors did. Personalized logo banks that will readily find a place on their work desks will ensure a panoramic display to your brightly imprinted logo.

ProImprint has a range of piggy banks to choose from. Customized Small Piggy Banks – Translucent Red will make your logo popular among both money savvy kids and money wise adults. The translucent design will let your customers see their coins and bills getting stacked up, which will give them a delightful reason to check it often, which means your logo will enjoy a regular display on these piggy banks.

Logo Imprinted Penny Pincher Plush Pig Banks that double up as adorable playmates for kids will make it easy to get them save the cents. Available in a palette of attractive colors, piggy banks make perfect hand outs to promote all types of businesses all through the year.

Encourage your customers to pinch their pennies and put your logo on display on these popular promotional gifts. Handy and light weight, piggy banks make perfect handouts for tradeshows, events, America saves week and many more. You can even employ these gifts as mailer gifts. Just imagine the surprise that these logo items will bring on to the faces of your recipients every time they open their mails. Let them save their cents while your brand is being displayed with these highly effective promotional gifts!

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