Personalized Classic Party Sunglasses- Product Video

Classic sunglasses never go out of fashion unlike the rapid fashion trends that appear and disappear like quicksand! Glamorous and always in vogue, classic sunglasses enjoys the patronage of not only advertisers but also style savvy individuals. Made of light weight plastic and offered in various frame colors, these sunglasses will drive up the party vibes. Hand it out as wedding favors to your guests and see how they all look cool in the snapshots.

Get it customized with your initials, artwork or tagline to make party favors or store promotional items.
These dark lens sunglasses will let your audience bring in a mystic element to their dressing style as it will keep their eyes hidden. Now your recipients can even do a facebook act of ogling at others without getting caught in their real life! Loads of fun and style, these sunglasses will buy a lot of attention for your brand for sure.

The product that you just saw in the video

Personalized Classic Party Sunglasses  (PI23119) featured in this video, are available in Blue, White, Red, Neon Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pink, Green, Blue with Blue, Navy with Navy, Red with Red, Pink with Pink, Green with Green, Orange with Orange, Black. Everyone wants to look their best at the party or wedding. These UV 400 sunglasses will shield their eyes from the sun, mask their wardrobe disorders and even let them stare at others without getting caught! You have a lot of imprint colors to pick from; any of which would look great on these party sunglasses!

Personalized Classic Party Sunglasses

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