Freshest Tips and ideas on Pocket Friendly Wedding Favors

Wedding favors not just bring alive the reception tables but will make great mementos to send your guests home who have come to celebrate your wedding.Wedding favors add a personal touch and warmth to the wedding day and will make your special day sink deep into their memory. The best part is that personalized wedding favors are available in countless models that can fit even the most modest wedding budgets.

weddingCan coolers: Offered is a range of colors and price points, can coolers will make great wedding day gifts that your guests can actually use in their daily lives. Customize these with your message or initials to make it personal. Choose a color that matches your wedding theme and take credit of having one of the most popular wedding favors in town!

Glass Flutes: 6 Oz Swirl-Etched Flutes will make an elegant wedding favor. Everytimesomeone decides to sip their favorite vintage, your message will tug their hearts. Raising a toast has been a classic way to celebrate any wedding and this custom gift will complement this theme. It will make a lovely keepsake that they can enjoy for many years to come.However, for destination weddings it might not be a good choice as your guests may find it difficult to carry these delicate and brittle items home safely.

Promotional Logo Imprinted 6 Oz Swirl-Etched Flutes

Mints: A delightful addition to the wedding gift bag, custom mints will make a budget friendly custom gift to consider. Ideal for all age groups, mints will leave a sweet impression in the minds and the taste buds of your guests.

Promotional Translucent Peppermint Tubes

Sunglasses: It could be a common gift item, but even today there are not many wedding favors that can match the incredible popularity enjoyed by a pair of stylish sunglasses. Offered in a range of trending styles and colors, these budget friendly gifts will make great photo props, fashion accessories and wedding favors all at once. Customize these with your brand and messageand give them out at summer and destination weddings. Every time your guests wear them, they will remember you!

Personalized Classic Party Sunglasses

Nuts: Shop for custom nuts in a variety of packings and handout a healthy gift that your guests will relish. Customize the containers with your sweet notes and even when the nuts are gone, these will continue to keep the guests reminded of your special day.

Logo Imprinted Large Gable Box with Cashews

Keychains: Though some people find keychains cheap, our experience proves that it is one of the most popular wedding favors even in this robotic age.  Just imagine how our lives will be in disarray but for these humble yet highly functional keychains.

Custom Imprinted Mini Keychain Flashlights

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