Custom 6 Inch Plastic Ruler With Magnifying Glass

Rulers will help you to get your marketing strategies straight Posted on July 3, 2015

Everyone uses custom rulers to make straight lines and most of us even dread the thought of drawing a perfect line without these useful work desk accessories. Well it is not all. This simple and humble ruler also happens to be one of the first documented promotional products that were used for advertising and brand […]

custom printed round-key chains

Plastic keychains – Budget friendly and popular all at once Posted on July 3, 2015

Are you looking for a promotional item that is fun, popular and affordable, then custom plastic keychains will make perfect gifts for you. Everybody loves them for the multitude of color choices and models including glow-in-the-dark. Key tags may be functional in nature as everyone uses these to keep their keys safe and accessible. But […]

2.34x2.34x1.38-inch personalized sticky memo cubes

What makes Memo cubes a mobile billboard for your business message? Posted on June 29, 2015

Custom Memo cubes make extremely useful stationery items on any work desk, home or even in car to make little notes, jot down random thoughts, set reminders or more. People often reach out these memo cubes and your logo imprinted on these logo products will never fail to grab their attention. Memo cubes are something […]

1.25x5 inch custom laminated rectangle shape magnets 14-pt

Books and bookmarks will easily get your logo in front of your customers Posted on June 29, 2015

An interesting book can keep someone engrossed for long and there can’t be anything as bad as missing the page where they stopped! This is where custom bookmarks come into the picture. These might be low in cost but holds great value for any booklover. Imprint your logo, business message or artwork on these unusual […]

custom printed rectangular soft key tags

Why are Custom Vinyl Key Tags the choicest promo gifts of budget marketers Posted on June 29, 2015

Keychains make welcome additions to any home or workplace as these will help people to sort their keys into a perfect and easily accessible bunch. These cost effective keychains cost less yet are something that everyone uses and retain for long. So, if you are looking for a really practical and fun promotional handout that […]

Custom Mini Aluminum LED Flashlight with Key Ring

Metal keychains – the elegant promotional gifts that will seldom fail Posted on June 29, 2015

Everyone likes keychains as these make essential accessories in any home or office. Apart from keeping the keys safe and well organized, keychains make excellent style statements too. So, if you have been looking for a promotional gift that nobody can resist your search will in all probability end in these elegant custom metal keychains. […]

logo imprinted squeezable foam smile keychains-main

Custom Toy & Novelty Keychains– fun gifts that are hard to resist Posted on June 29, 2015

Everyone may need to have a keychain for all their keys of home, office and cars. Ordinary keyrings may just keep the keys together whereas these custom toy and novelty keychains take this idea one step ahead by throwing in some fun and colors into the keychains. Can there be a more compelling way to […]

Personalized Whistle Flashlight w Keychain

What makes Keychain Flashlights one of the best practical gifts for your money? Posted on June 29, 2015

Can anyone ever have enough flashlights? These handy and practical items that are available in a range of interesting shapes and sizes make welcome gifts in homes, offices, cars, parties and infact everywhere. Custom keychain flashlights make excellent show stoppers even in a crowded trade show as these can grab instant attention of your audience. […]

Custom 5 Inch Football Stress Reliever

Why Stress balls are one of the most popular promotional gifts? Posted on June 25, 2015

Work stress can literally kill people inch by inch. Stress has a snowballing effect that will make people helpless and really agitated at the end of a day when nothing seems to work out properly. As everyone strives to outperform their competitors and to race against the clock the adrenalin and the stress levels shoot […]

custom printed vip card holders

Business card holders – keep your logo close to the business contacts of your customers Posted on June 25, 2015

Business cards make the starting point of all business conversations. On a rough estimate, over 10 billion business cards are passed out annually and to keep these important pieces of information safe, custom business card holders come handy. So if you are looking for  popular promotional gift or a special gift to get connected with […]

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